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The outlook towards quality education has undergone a radical shift in the last decade. The rise of aspirational parents has created the demand for IB schools in Gurgaon. Sending the child to the best international schools has become the focus of the parents.

Education today is much more than infiltrating the child’s brain with disjointed hacks and figures. The parents want the schools to help the child attain holistic development. The search for places that will provide an optimum learning environment has resulted in several good IB schools coming to the fore.

The rise of quality IB schools in Gurgaon

The rise of the best IB schools in Gurgaon coincides with the metric rise of the city. The astronomical rise in urbanization has made the city one of the most sought-after properties in the country.

Almost every big commercial space has an installation in Gurgaon today. This meant that a huge po[ulation came to the city shores in search of a job. The young executives are parents ascot, millennial children. Parents today understand the impact of competition. They understand what it takes to beat the competition.

Millennial parents want to send their children to the best international schools in the city. They look forward to a curriculum that meets their expectations. The expectation of bringing overall development to the child. The parents want to start as early as possible. This is the reason why the city has embraced so many IB schools in the recent past.

Competition and the child

The advent of competition has played a huge role in the acceptance of IB schools. Sending the child to the best International School in Gurgaon helps them to be early starters. The curriculum of the IB school exposes them to modern education. It helps the students become creative and active learners.

The present times demand the students to adapt well to the age competition. The skills students learn in the classroom should be easily replicated in the exams. This is very important to help them grab lucrative global opportunities in the future.

Preparing global students

A good international school is focused on helping the student attain practical exposure along with insightful theoretical knowledge. The child needs to be at par with their international counterparts. Getting into the top colleges and universities abroad is not easy. They demand the students possess a unique skill set along with academic proficiency.

The IB ecosystem understands these unique spheres very well. It takes the onus to create a curriculum that will help the child to reach their fullest potential. IB schools are designed to prepare students for global opportunities. Many independent research points that the students from IB schools have a higher rate of getting selected for the higher education programs abroad.

The international module

The IB schools in Gurgaon follow the International Baccalaureate Board. The curriculum followed by the schools is recognized by the topmost education institutions. Over 150 150 countries worldwide have the presence of international schools. This makes the IB schools truly global curriculum.

The students across the board in every country have to undergo a similar education and evaluation process. The IB Board has an exhaustive teaching module that is considered one of the best in the world. The curriculum provides overall development using a flexible method of learning. The school under IB Board helps the students to narrow their workload to focus on the specific subjects required to enter the colleges of their choice. The value-added courses along with regular subjects add multi-disciplinary diversity to their resume.

Curriculum outreach program

The curriculum of the best IB schools aims to look beyond the traditional method of teaching. The aim of the school is not just about securing the highest grades. It believes in securing a quality education ecosystem for the optimum development of the child. The education module of the best International School in Gurgaon reflects its outward approach towards education.

Value-added courses

The international schools are very well known for their value-added courses. These courses help the student get an edge besides their regular schooling subjects. The basket courses aim to help the students diverse their character. It prepares their personalities to meet the real-time competition.

The value-added initiative of the best IB schools in Gurgaon is called the Career-Related Programme (CP). As part of the final year students’ curriculum, the course prepares the students for the competition preceding their regular schooling life. The course becomes the foundation level for the students looking for colleges or other competitive exams abroad. The students are asked to write an exclusive essay on the topic of their choice. The essay is based on the learning and critical learning they have achieved in the subject of their choice.

Besides the career-related program, the school also has Theory of Knowledge (TOK), and CAS (Creativity, action, service) courses. The activity helps the students gain experience in critical thinking, reasoning, aptitude, and research.

Foreign language courses

Studying a foreign language is mandatory as a part of IB school’s curriculum. The students have an option to choose from various language courses provided by the student. Students preparing for higher studies opt for the language course most useful to them in terms of career choice. Having an advantage of foreign language helps the students to also better adjust and communicate freely with the locals while staying abroad.

The Indian education system has been demanding a revamp for years. The IB schools in Gurgaon have created a very sustainable education model for modern students. In a short span, the IB schools are seen as the most advanced parallel education system in the country. The schools offer one of the most well-structured apparatus for quality education.

Studying in the best international school in Gurgaon will help the child take advantage of its holistic approach. A focussed approach and dedicated module of the school help each student achieve their true potential. The IB schools provide an alternative education platform for parents looking for a place with a difference. This is the biggest highlight of studying in the best International school in Gurgaon.

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