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We all use printers in our day to day life for all of our printing needs. Printers have become an essential part for the functioning of all businesses and offices’ working. For all such purposes and working needs, Printer Ink Cartridges are in extreme demand in the market. For purchasing a printer, individuals like us usually try to find the best one that would be cost-efficient and effective for functioning in the long run.

Among the so many printers available in the market, the basic thing that acts fundamentally behind the printing operations of a printer is the ink of the printer. The ink present inside a printer provides the print impression of the image and texts we desire. Through this article, we will learn about two different types of printers that work on the principle of liquid-based ink operations in this modern world. The basic two types of ink-based printers include:

  1. Ink cartridge-based printers.
  2. Ink tank based printers.

Cartridges based printers

These printers are also known by the title of ‘Veteran’ because these are the printers on which the entire printing processes rely. The ink cartridges are basically small containers that hold ink. These printers come with an in-built print head. They are manufactured separately for the printers because various printers come with different working designs. 

Whenever a cartridge runs out of ink in these printers, it needs to be replaced with a new one. It is the only way possible for the replacement of the printer’s ink. This method has been in tradition for many decades due to its higher efficiency. These printers are also famous for their higher page yield and better print output. 

Benefits of Printer Ink Cartridges

Printer ink cartridges have been in use for many years as the only staple method for printing. These printers are famous for their highest quality printing operations. The same printer manufacturers provide genuine ink cartridges to make printers 100% compatible. There also comes the third party manufactured compatible ink cartridges to lower the cost of replacement. 

In addition to higher printing yields, ink cartridge-based printers are comparatively available at a much lower cost. These cartridges contain high-quality ink and compatible containers that help to get flawless printing. These ink cartridges are also simpler to install than ink tank-based printers because these do not create any kind of a mess over the refilling.

Cons of ink cartridge-based printers

A major problem that individuals face with the ink cartridge is the replacement cost of the cartridge. The printer manufacturers provide their ink cartridge-based printers at a much lower cost, and in order to overcome that loss, they charge individuals with their genuine ink cartridges. 

Also, for individuals who print occasionally, there are greater chances of printer ink running dry that is why these printers also need to be in regular operation.

For lowering such risk of compatibility and quality, it is advised to buy printer ink cartridges from trusted sellers like Fab Cartridges.

Printer Ink Cartridges

Ink tank based printers are the updated and modern form of liquid ink-based printers. With these printers, there is the availability of a direct ink replacement option that means whenever the ink in the printer runs off; we can simply refill that particular colour ink in the ink tank. Just similar to the refilling of fuel in our vehicles. 

These printers are also known by the name ‘integrated bulk ink systems’. These printers do not contain any kind of print head that helps printer ink to get supplied continuously to the printer from the printer in-built ink tank.

The replacement of ink can be done simply by opening the ink tank lid and refilling through the ink bottles.

Pros of Printer Ink Cartridges

In these printers, the printing cost is comparatively very low, which is considered very beneficial for producing high-quality colour photos and prints. These also provide considerably very good page yield operations with approximately 6,000 to 7,000 pages with every refill. 

Cons of ink tank based printers

The major disadvantage with these printers can be considered to be the cost of initial setup. These printers usually cost very much as compared to cartridge-based printers. Also, one more problem with these printers is considered as the mess of ink refilling. It is truly very messy to replace ink because there are greater chances of getting an individual’s clothes to be stained with ink drops while replacing ink.

Printer Ink Online Nz


These are some of the parameters that differentiate these two kinds of printers. Among these two, if we have to figure out one best, then it would be very difficult. It can only be categorized in terms of the use of the printer by individuals. If someone has occasional use like for students and office persons who work from their homes, then low-cost cartridge-based printers would be the best choice that an individual could make from the best  Printer Ink Online Nz dealer Fab Cartridges.

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