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In the fast-growing digital era, no business can survive without a well-designed and fully-equipped website that communicates well with the target audience. Your website should educate, engage, and entertain your target audience so that they return to you the next time they need a similar service. And the Most Important Factors To Consider In Web Development.

In order to make your website perfect, there are some basic aspects to be considered while developing it. We will have a look at some of them.

Choosing a Domain and Host

The domain name you choose should be memorable, relevant, and easy to spell so that your potential customers can find you easily on the web. This will also allow you to incorporate SEO tactics within your domain name so that you will be located in the top positions of search results. You will have the desired online and offline growth only if your website can be accessed easily.

You should choose the perfect host according to your requirements. It is always recommended to pick a highly reliable hosting solution that has excellent reviews among leading websites and its consumers. If your website is going to be media-rich with a lot of pictures, videos, and other graphical elements, you should definitely look for hosting services that can manage high traffic and heavily-loaded website elements.

A Content Management System (CMS)

You should have an efficient content management system that can organize the content and provide you with a fully functional program taking care of the backend. The right backend services used will provide a wow factor to your page, and take the user experience to the next level. Backend systems for websites are just like engines for sportscars. You may choose a customizable CMS system like WordPress for informational sites and Magneto for eCommerce sites.

Appealing Design

Your website should have a clean and attractive design. This design should be attractive and should urge the user to focus on the brand value and content rather than graphics and huge paragraphs of text. A clean and attractive design is integral to providing an engaging user experience so that your potential consumers will visit the website again.

Perfect Color Scheme

The color scheme of your website can influence a customer more than you think. Different colors produce different emotions in users like happiness, inspiration, frustration, etc. Thus, it is important to come up with a color scheme that relates to your company’s niche, color pattern, target audience, and the factors of color theory. If the color scheme of your website is similar to the one in your brand elements like logo, designs, etc, you will be able to provide boost your brand more. But make sure this color scheme is pleasing to the eye of a visitor before using it.


The overall functionality of your website can influence the user experience. If the connected links are not working or the forms or customer support areas are too long or difficult to be filled up, you will be delivering a very poor user experience. Online users are always looking for quick and easy information for their doubts and queries. According to SEO experts, about 50 percent of the visitors bounce back from slow-loading sites. This is equal to about 50 percent of your potential consumers. Thus, you should ensure that all the pages on your website are optimized to load fast. The idea here is to analyze your website from the user’s perspective and design the website elements in a more functional way.

Easy Navigation

Users regularly visit and engage with a website that has easy navigation. If your website has confusing and difficult navigation, the bounce rates will be more which leads to a lower ranking in the SERP for related searches. Thus, you should conduct a complete site review in a visitor’s perception. Identify the areas where navigation is confusing and make the desired changes. You should also eliminate underperforming or unwanted pages to improve the loading speed of your website. You may add a site map so that the visitor can navigate easily.


Your website will have more and more regular visitors if it is easy to use. Think from a visitor’s perspective and check whether your website has all the features that a potential customer needs for easy access. By providing information about your products and services clearly, you can ensure the usability of the website. This information includes email subscription, contact details, easy social sharing, and everything related to your products and services. All these elements should be ensured to be easily accessible to have maximum user engagement.

Powerful Call To Action

A friendly and powerful call to action on your website urges visitors to contact you for your services. The call to action should be catchy and easy to identify and should follow the customers as they navigate between your pages. Your website should have an email newsletter subscription button for new potential customers so that you can provide them with more information before they go forward with the CTA in the future. The power of your CTA determines the online business and engagement you will achieve. You may connect with a web design agency in Dubai to understand the importance of CTA and how to display it for successful conversions.

Mobile Responsiveness

According to Google, about 60 percent of the searches happen from mobile phones and other handy devices. If your website is not compatible with mobile devices of different screens, you are losing a huge majority of customers in the market. If you are a leading business with a powerful online presence, you may start a whole new mobile-friendly website. For small businesses that are yet to launch a website, a responsive website design compatible with all devices would be the best to go with.

As we have discussed, these are the very basic aspects to consider while developing a website. Thus, ensure all these factors are addressed in order to have a completely successful website for your business.

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