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An online grocer is either opting for a supermarket or grocery store that allows online ordering, or a standalone e-commerce grocery service that includes grocery items and products of different brands. Online grocery ordering is executed through e-commerce websites or mobile apps. Online grocery shopping is a method of buying food and other household goods using a web-based shopping service or simply online grocery websites


In Pakistan, there are hundreds of online grocery stores in Pakistan that are stepping up their game in the e-commerce sector. For instance, there is Asanbuy. pk which is striving to establish a successful online grocery store platform in Pakistan. These online grocery store platforms opt for exceptional services for consumers to attract and retain them permanently to this new e-commerce world.

With striving technology and revolution brought by the internet, consumers are well-aware of the numerous benefits consumers avail of from these online grocery store websites. Moreover, their delivery services and product quality highly impress the consumers. Another critical factor of consumer retention towards online grocery stores is the availability of international and local grocery products that are quite hard to find in retail stores and supermarkets.

Online Grocery Shopping Benefits:

Hence, these key factors play an immensely important key role in attracting more consumers to shift towards online grocery shopping. Apart from the convenience and time-saving factor, online grocery stores do play a good role in saving money. Fuel expenses and extra expenses when visiting supermarkets help consumers save a lot on the grocery expenses, they encounter every other week.

Over the next few years, some of the online grocery retailers overcame economic hardship to remain strong in the market, and today there are various online grocery retailers continuing their successful online grocery store venture. Online grocery shopping is a profitable idea and will proceed to grow in popularity in the coming decades. During the Covid-19 pandemic, more consumers than ever are purchasing online to stock their pantries.

Online Grocery Store:

Online ordering usually provides consumers with the alternative of having either home delivery or store collection. This makes the service very effective and convenient for them. With an 18-hour delivery window to choose from, seven days a week, we can easily match our grocery shopping around our other responsibilities. Shopping online means that we have saved spending on gas and parking rates. We will have time to browse all the special offers as we put our grocery orders together.

The other few benefits are that we can request our groceries anytime and that too 24/7, delivery is to our kitchen or regional locker with e-shopping, we can choose a 1 or 2-hour timeslot for comfort, stores send sufficient quality and freshness to minimize grocery consumer complaints, consumers are able to avoid the annoyance of crowds and parking queues and get the nicest prices; browse offers online at your leisure time.

In Conclusion:

Government policies to avoid the spread of the coronavirus have dramatically boosted the demand for online grocery shopping all over the globe. Previously, only about some part of people in Western countries did their food shopping online. But, due to the pandemic, unexpectedly online grocery stores were expected to deliver to a greater number of homes. This escalating growth in online grocery consumers is due to the emerging need for contactless delivery and shopping of grocery items.

Even after the pandemic, this trend of online grocery shopping is growing at an exponential rate across the globe including Pakistan. This has further resulted in the emergence of new online groceries shops in the market, increasing competition in the online grocery sector all over the world.

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