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The Tegaderm tattoo can be a daily reminder of something meaningful. That is close to your heart, a life-changing event, or simply serves as a form of self-expression. In any case, if you want your tattoo to last a long time, before and aftercare is crucial.

How long does the tattoo healing process take? What are typical signs that your Tegaderm tattoo is not healing properly? And what does long-term care look like? We have summarized all of this for you!

The typical tattoo healing phases

A normally healing tattoo goes through three broad stages of healing:

Day 1 – 3: Inflammation

It is typical for a tattoo to be red, enlarged, and delicate for the initial 48-72 hours. Some blood and/or ink may also spill during this time. These symptoms should improve each day. Prolonged symptoms should be evaluated by your tattoo artist and/or a doctor.

Day 4 – 14: Visible recovery

As the healing process progresses, the top layer of skin peels, flakes, scabs, and itches. This is a normal, healthy healing process. Abstain from scratching, scouring, picking at scabs, and actually eliminating stripping skin. This will only lead to further injury and prolong the recovery period.

Day 14 – 30: Invisible recovery

The visible signs mentioned above are usually gone. By the third week after getting the tattoo. But the tattoo will likely remain dull and dark until about a month after the tattoo is done. After a month, the tattoo will have assumed its permanent, vibrant color. The regeneration of the skin under the tattoo will take another 3-6 months.

How long do tattoos take to heal?

In general, it lasts about a month from the moment of tattooing. Until a tattoo takes permanent form on a young, healthy individual. Tattoos with more saturated areas of color can take a little longer to heal. Saturated pigments require more pinholes than finer tattoos. This creates a larger inflammatory response that requires a longer recovery period.

What to look out for with a fresh tattoo

  • Listen to what your tattoo artist recommends. Most Tegaderm tattoo artists have their aftercare instructions.
  • If pain, severe inflammation, or other serious healing problems occur, consult a dermatologist.
  • Only touch your tattoo with washed hands! The most important step is to thoroughly clean your hands. Before touching and cleaning your tattoo.
  • Not scratching – yes exactly, I’m looking at you
  • Avoid being in the sun for a long time and refrain from sunbathing.
  • Use a breathable bandage for the first week. Since tattoos create openings in the skin for bacteria to enter. We recommend covering your tattoo with an adhesive, breathable bandage for the first week and reapplying daily.
  • After removing the bandage, you should wash your Tegaderm tattoo. Use lukewarm water and mild liquid soap, antibacterial or antimicrobial. To remove ointment, blood, and plasma and cleanse the area completely.
  • It is also important to apply ointment to the tattoo very gently. Even after the first week, until all signs of healing, have subsided
  • Avoid bathing, hot tubs, saunas, and swimming
  • Do not shave the area
  • Don’t wear clothes that are too tight

Long-term tips for a beautifully aging tattoo

Protect your Tegaderm tattoo by always wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 50 when you go outside. You should cut out sunbathing altogether because it not only damages your tattoo. But is largely responsible for skin aging and can lead to skin cancer.

Right when your skilled worker recommends changing to a lighter cream following several days. This is the explanation. In the event that you truly do give yourself heat rash quite saturating right away. No moisturizer, no Aquaphor. Utilize a new, clean loofa to tenderly peel. When washing with a fluid antibacterial cleanser. Besides don’t, I reiterate DO NOT pick at or pop the thumps. This can cause illness. Accepting the tattoo gets vexatious ice it until the shivering fades away. If the hotness rash doesn’t improve or deteriorate in seven days go to a specialist or dermatologist.

Even if your tattoo has already healed. You should regularly care for the skin with a compatible. Not heavily perfumed moisturizing cream. This way your skin ages beautifully and is supplied with sufficient moisture.

The truth is that the Tegaderm tattoo can take up to a month to fully heal. Tattoo aftercare tips might shift somewhat from one craftsman to another. There is no ideal, uniform method for mending each tattoo on each individual. Because the artists will have different ways of healing their tattoos. You ought to listen cautiously to what they say, pay attention to their guidance. If you have any questions or concerns contact them directly.
Albeit through long periods of involvement, exploration, preliminaries. And with the assistance of clinical experts and expert items. The craftsmen made two principal schools of tattoo recuperating. Following any of them will allow you a superior opportunity of recuperating your tattoo with no issue. A more modern one involves a self-adhesive film called Tegaderm tattoo healing film. That protects your tattoo from friction. That will prevent external pathogens and contaminants from entering the wound. During the most critical tattoo healing phase. Yes, you need to treat your tattoo as an open wound. This Tegaderm film is breathable, waterproof, flexible. It can be placed almost anywhere on the body.

After 2-3 days, wash your hands and carefully remove the film (peeling it off gently). Wash the tattoo with warm water and an unbiased cleanser, then, at that point, dry with kitchen paper.

Once the Tegaderm tattoo is clean and dry, apply a very thin layer of tattoo-specific cream. If you live in a sunny country or are going to be exposed to the sun, make sure to avoid direct sunlight and tanning. No sunscreen offers complete protection from the sun.
Rehash this methodology 3-4 times each day for quite some time. But not all Tegaderm tattoo artists use self-adhesive film. Some of them utilize ordinary stick film-type plastic wrap all things being equal. In this case, wash your hands and remove them after 3 hours.

Wash the tattoo with warm water and an impartial cleanser. Then dry with kitchen paper apply a very thin layer of specific tattoo aftercare cream. Leave exposed to the open air. Excess hydration can negatively affect the Tegaderm tattoo.

Cover your tattoo with clear saran wrap for the initial two evenings. But don’t apply any cream if you’re going to cover it.

Rehash this interaction 3-4 times each day for a very long time.

If you find it too difficult or painful to remove the Tegaderm tattoo. We recommend that you try again in the shower. The water may make it easier to remove the foil dressing. Caution! Your tattoo is still fresh, so avoid direct jets of water on the Tegaderm tattoo.

The tattoo looks strange after removing Tegaderm? Don’t worry, this is completely normal and can be attributed to dried-up wound fluid. After removing the wound dressing, carefully clean the tattoo with a soap-free washing emulsion. And the body art shines in new splendor. The same applies here: carefully dab dry with a kitchen roll or lint-free cloth and do not rub or rub.


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