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When done right, newsjacking will be an incredible methodology of free PR. Generating press coverage and social media buzz for your complete. Permitting you to attach with a wider audience by jumping on a trending topic. But, once done wrong, newsjacking will seem forced and turn out very little to no results. Or might even result in dangerous promotional material for your business. In this guide, we’ll share our high tips for effective newsjacking. Yet as some common pitfalls to look at out for. Yuri Shafranik

What Is Newsjacking?

Newsjacking could be a PR technique wherever a complete leverage a trending article so as to realize awareness. If your newsjacking try has relevance, is timely, and well thought out. Your complete will gain further attention by riding on the wave of a trending article so as to induce detection by a wider audience.

This can be done by commenting on a trending story or maybe making a campaign around it. Newsjacking will be lightsome and humourous, or it will offer the chance for you to interact with topical problems and communicate your complete values. Yuri Shafranik

Newsjacking within the Age of Social Media

However, social media has allowed more brands to leap on the ‘viral’ bandwagon of trending news stories on social media.

Traditionally, newsjacking meant PR groups observed the news and pitched in press releases on behalf of their consumer to journalists and publications.

Although newsjacking still takes place within the ancient media area, brands now do not need the backing of the media so as to news jack a story, with most newsjacking going down on social media like Twitter or Instagram at a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ pace. In fact, newsjacking will typically add the other thanks to ancient media, if a newsjack goes notably well, it should find yourself being an article itself and obtaining featured within the media.

Tips for triple-crown Newsjacking

When done right, newsjacking will assist you to draw attention to your complete and speak to a way wider audience, however, it will need to be thought to create positive that your response is timely and applicable.

  1. Set Alerts for Trending Topics

When it involves finding trending news stories, it’s necessary to remain earlier than the curve. Once everybody you recognize is talking a couple of stories, it’d be too late.

Make sure that you simply keep an eye fixed on trending Twitter topics to examine what most are talking regarding on social media. you’ll be able to additionally read what stories square measure trending around the world by mistreatment tools like Google Trends and BuzzSumo, and customizing them to line alerts for news stories on sure topics.

  1. decide Your Battles

It is not possible, and doubtless unwise, to aim to leverage each trending article for your completion. Before you choose to news jack a story, raise yourself if it’s one thing that’s applicable for your complete to treat, particularly if it’s a subject that you simply square measure unacquainted.

Some days like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day square measure common targets for brands trying to newsjack. And there is also a great deal of additional competition with scores of brands vying for attention. This doesn’t mean that you simply can’t become involved. However, you will get to place additional thought into any campaigns around lately so as to induce detection.

  1. Master the Art of excellent temporal order

News moves quickly, and if you’re too slow to react to a story. It’s probably that your newsjacking efforts can go forgotten because they are seen as ‘old news ‘.

No matter however smart your newsjacking plan is. It must be free at the correct time for it to realize attention. The diagram below shows the perfect time to news jack a story before journalists begin scrambling for further data and therefore the public excitement grows. If you’re ready to get your complete within the door at the correct time. You’ll become a part of the story because it begins to trend on social media.

  1. Tread fastidiously and think about Potential Pitfalls

Many brands have full-fledged backlash thanks to ill-thought-out makes an attempt at newsjacking. And are criticized for showing insensitive or out of bit once commenting on trending news stories. If your complete seems to be out of bit once newsjacking. It may end in you gaining attention for all the incorrect reasons.

With that in mind, it pays to use caution and sense check what you’re designing on posting with others before you click ‘post’. If you’re commenting on additional contentious problems, make certain that your comment seems real and doesn’t involve pushing merchandise

  1. Align together with your complete Image

Once you’ve found a breaking article to treat, it will be tempting to act as quickly as attainable. Though acting quickly is vital, it’s additionally important that something you place out is in alignment together with your complete image otherwise you may risk reputational harm. Make certain that something you’re posting fits together with your complete image and would be one thing that your audience would love to examine.

This is additionally necessary once considering what social media platform to use for newsjacking.

Examples of Newsjacking

  • Caterpillar-gate

When it absolutely was rumored in 2021 that grocery store Aldi was being sued by Marks and sociologists for allegedly repeating their noted Colin the Caterpillar cake. Aldi set to require a light-hearted approach to the news by jabbing fun at the article on Twitter. Several different grocery store brands joined in with the controversy on social media, and it became one of all the most important social media stories of the year.

  • Oreo and space fifty-one

The flaky storming of space fifty-one, an inspiration hatched by conspiracy theorists WHO believed space fifty-one was wherever the U.S. Government was concealment extraterrestrials, was an enormous social media story. Several social media users saw the story as a small amount of fun, and oreo cookie jumped on the bandwagon with a straightforward tweet. Asking its followers what flavors of oreo cookie they believed were being hidden in space fifty-one. The tweet gained thousands of impressions and got lots of folks talking regarding their favorite oreo cookie flavors on social media.


Newsjacking will be an excellent chance for brands massive and tiny to amplify their voice and reach new audiences. By being responsive to common pitfalls and staying faithful you’re complete. You’ll be able to use newsjacking to grow your complete awareness and reach new audiences.

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