Ever since I arrived in Delhi, the capital of India, I have known it is a city I love. A big city like Los Angeles or Mexico is a harmonious contrast between the old and the new. Delhi is not only a great start when exploring the route of India’s Golden Triangle, but also a great city for a weekend şirinevler getaway.

Now that I have spent a few days in Delhi, I want to share with you all my travel tips, including what to see and do, where to eat, drink, shop, and stay.

While there’s no way you can fit everything into one weekend, there are many things you can do that will give you a real sense of this vibrant and cultural city.

New Delhi and Old Delhi:

Although Delhi is one of the largest cities in India, it feels easy to manage as the city is very scattered. Urban development is essentially a bunch of connected areas. The greatest contrast is between New Delhi and Old Delhi.

New Delhi, which is 1911. founded by the British, is the financial and commercial center of the city. You can feel the British footprint through its wide paved streets, manicured lawns, high-end shopping malls, hotels, and some of the city’s most famous monuments.

Old Delhi, on the other hand, makes you feel like a city. It’s a chaotic, cacophonic experience. The narrow streets are teeming with people, with plenty of shops selling everything from street food and tourist trinkets to basic necessities such as soap, clothes, and shoes.

Any weekend getaway here should include a visit to Old and New Delhi.

Where to stay in Delhi, India:

There are many great hotels in Delhi. We wanted to be in the center, so we chose Shangri-La Eros Connaught Place. We love this hotel so much. Our room was well equipped and spacious, with a wonderful view. The hotel has 3 restaurants (later on), a gym, an outdoor pool, and a spa. If you book a Horizon-level room, you will have access to the private Horizon Club Lounge on the top floor, which serves free cocktails and snacks every evening from 17:30 until 17:30, as well as a complimentary breakfast each morning.

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Travel to Delhi, India:

Delhi actually has a very good public metro train system that I recommend using to avoid crazy traffic! You can use it to travel around the city, but if you want to accommodate many attractions in a few days, I recommend renting a car and a driver. In Delhi, doing so is relatively cheap, and the convenience will allow you to have more flexibility in route planning.

Things to do in Delhi, India:

If you have two (or three) full days in Delhi, I recommend seeing these attractions.

Red Fort

The Red Fort is a must-see. This historic monument gives you a real taste of the grandeur of the ancient cities of Delhi. The 17th-century sandstone fort is a mix of Mughal, Afghan, and Hindu architectural styles. The site was the residence of the Mughal emperors for almost 200 years, until 1857.

Humayan’s Tomb

It is also necessary to see the wife of the Mughal Emperor Humayan commissioned this 16th century. grave. Located in the heart of the tranquil gardens of Chahar Bagh, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a beautiful combination of Persian and Mughal architecture and the first example of a garden-style tomb in India. (The Taj Mahal is the largest and most exclusive of the garden-style tombs in India.)

Qutb Complex

This complex features the famous Qutab Minar (also known as the Qutb Minar). This tower is a must-see if you are visiting this city. The minaret was built in 1193. and is 293.5 feet (72.5 meters) high.

Jama Masjid Mosque

This operating mosque in Old Delhi was one of my favorite places to visit in Delhi. We went on a Sunday and although there were a lot of people, I enjoyed discreetly watching people praying and reuniting with family. There is a wonderful presence in the mosque itself that invites you to think, no matter what religion you are watching.

Chandni Chowk and Khari Baoli Bazaar

After visiting the mosque, head straight for the streets to the crowds and chaos of Old Delhi, including the Chandni Chowk and Khari Baoli Bazaar. Unlike the maintained lawns and wide boulevards of Connaught Place, Old Delhi will give you a taste of true India. Just know that the crowds are intense and you will constantly avoid cars, motorcycles, and animals like cows! But if you can dispel it all, you’ll enjoy watching how everyday life goes on here.

Lotus Temple

The Lotus Temple is a house of worship open to everyone, regardless of the religion you practice. They were consecrated in 1986. Since then, the Lotus Temple has been a must-see on any Delhi route. The temple is built in the form of a semi-open floating lotus. The surrounding green gardens and reflective pools, despite a large number of people, are quite quiet.

Akshardham Temple

A relatively new Hindu temple in Delhi, Akshardham was opened in 2005. Considered the 3rd largest Hindu temple in the world, its architecture is noteworthy. While the temple itself was worth a visit, don’t worry about the surrounding cultural town, which often offers smart escort excursions.

The neighborhood of Hauz Khas

If you want to taste the fun, trendy district of Delhi, head to Haus Khas. We spent a wonderful afternoon exploring the area with its many shops, restaurants, and bars. The area is also home to the ruins of the medieval Firoz Shah, beautifully situated on the shores of Lake Hauz Khas. It is now a popular place for entertainment for teenage couples and groups of friends.

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Where to eat in Delhi:

Indian Accent

If you are in the mood to indulge, I highly recommend the Indian Accent in Delhi. The space itself, surrounded by reflective pools with fire-lit torches, is enchanting. We tried the 7-course tasting menu and at the end of the meal, we felt perfectly full.

Karim’s Hotel

One of the best and most authentic places we ate was at Karim’s Hotel in Old Delhi. There is a pretty beautiful scene here, full of locals and tourists. Be sure to order something from a tandoori grill and just be warned – most foods are rich in Indian spices and heat. Be sure to order a ride (yogurt mixed with onions) if you’re not used to spicy foods.

Mia Bella

For a quiet lunch with stunning views of Lake Hauz Khas and the medieval ruins of Firoz Shah, head to Mia Bella. We ate chicken kebabs and washed everything in fragrant sangria.

Sundowner at Social Khas

If you come to Haus Khas, you have to visit Social Khas. This well-planned 4-story space is great for hangouts in the neighborhood. During the day, it is full of businesspeople using laptops, and at night, crowds flock to one of the many bars or dance floors. We landed on the roof at sunset and it was just perfect.

Shang Palace – Our hotel The Shangri-La Eros has two very popular restaurants in Delhi, Shang Palace, and Sorrento. Both restaurants are a great choice if you need to relax from all the Indian food you have eaten. They are stylishly decorated and popular with the locals.

The Perch Wine & Coffee Bar

Ragindra Nagar district in New Delhi is a great place to explore truly local places. Our friend who lived in Delhi recommended the Perch Wine & Coffee Bar and we liked it. Located in a strip mall with lots of other cafes and bars (oddly enough, all of these places need to be accessed in an alley outside the buildings), it was quite a challenge, but when we overcame two flights. stairs, we were pleasantly surprised by the open, spacious feeling. The bar serves world-famous plates and a variety of wines from around the world.

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