If you’ve ever visited one of the UAE’s famed malls, you’ll understand how strong the demand for premium fashion is in this region. Many of the industry’s greatest brands, from Balenciaga and Chanel to Gucci, Prada, and Versace, have opened stores in Dubai, eager to capitalise on the growing demand for high-end apparel and accessories.

What is your knowledge of the local garment industry? And, maybe more significantly, do you have any knowledge of or familiarity with local trends? Learning practical techniques to help your business flourish is one of the best ways. It is to avoid becoming simply another struggling clothes business. Mastering fashion merchandising through communities like Dubai Design District (d3) or working in a store similar to the one you want to launch in one of the city’s myriad malls is a great method to do this.

What are some things you need to understand before starting a fashion brand business?

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Now let us quickly learn and understand some ideas or things to remember before actually starting the fashion business.

Analyze your target group

A business has two sides like that of a coin.  One part which attracts a certain type of people to the business because they liked the qualities of the business and on the other hand is the second part where the particular people are not interested in the qualities of the business. The first group is the ones that you need to target. That means you need to filter out and attract these people even more to your business. It is not easy to satisfy every single human being in your business and so call in the people who are interested or who might be interested. To make the call of attraction successful you need to know about the custom needs, wants and demands.

So in an industry like the fashion industry, the change is constant and consumer demands vary with seasons. You must know how to go in with the flow by understanding the targeted group for the improved well being of the business.

Researching the market

One of the most important steps to be taken for LLC company formation in Dubai is to research the market properly. You should not only maintain your energy during the initial phase but also remember to keep it throughout the business procedure. Research is a very important factor for people who like to do business in the clothing line. It is because the apparel industry is evolving and is highly research-driven. If you don’t do proper research or get yourself updated with the trends then there is a high chance that your business is failing. 

Product experimentation

After the research process, it is important to rethink and act on the findings. You should accept the findings whether they be positive or negative because at last, it is for the best future of your business. To impart all the good knowledge to your business or the products is incredible. Experimentation and changing the clothes to a new style actually attracts the customers a lot because it creates a new look to the fashion enthusiasts. This will surely help the brand managers to understand the importance of experimenting and learning and how it would help them maximise the sales rate.

Maintaining the Quality

Do you know what is the best of the best business plan? The best business plan is definitely to maintain the quality of the clothing apparel. We cannot deny the fact it’s true because it is highly relevant today even at today’s date.  We advise you to test out the products several times before you start to sell the product.

Pricing of the products

An entrepreneur’s principal goal is to profit from the clothing line that has already been develop. The final product’s price should be taken into account for both the fix and variable costs. The fixed expenses, such as the cost of machines or rent, are fix. On the other hand, you have variable costs. For example, the cost of labour or credit card fees which all have a high chance to get alter within time. It’s crucial to remember that the product should be price. So that profit margins are 30-50 per cent larger than the costs associated with it. Finally, it is critical for the entrepreneur to regularly evaluate the existing business model and make essential changes as and when necessary.

Beginners and experienced 

The knowledge and new services provided by the clothing brand to the users are the most important requirements. Any organisation must achieve a degree of excellence like that. Given the fact that the clothing/apparel industry is heavily labour-dominate, it’s critical for an entrepreneur to have experience with labour management or to hire someone who does. Employing fresh minds would also result in the generation of novel product and company ideas. 


To sum up, setting up a clothing brand is one of the best Dubai business setup ideas. Also, It is human nature to make mistakes and it’s common that we see people make mistakes during the business setup procedure. There are a lot of things to keep in mind while doing a fun yet risky business-like a clothing business. Whatever the riskiness is it’s better that you consult a best business setup consultant in Dubai. They can help you have a better understanding of the business plan, registration and licensing procedure. The process is simple and extremely budget-friendly with the consulting team by side. All you have to do is contact them! Also, learn the things you should be careful of and the things you should do while you are setting up the business.


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