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Weddings are one of the most important socio-cultural events of all time, as they are nothing less than a festival. Couples devote a significant amount of time to arranging their wedding. Your wedding planner may handle everything from deciding on the wedding theme to putting together the wedding decor and selecting the appropriate wedding music. However, you’ll need all hands on deck to select your bridal outfit for each ceremony.

Gone are the days when demure brides donned subtle variations of each other’s dresses, dripping in traditional jewelry from head to toe. Millennial brides take responsibility for their clothing and experiment with them to give them a unique look. If you are browsing the internet to find the perfect bridal wear, then hold on to your horses as we will save your time by showcasing our best collection of timeless outfits for the millennial bride.

Best bridal clothing to wear for your auspicious event

The below-listed options set fashion goals for the forthcoming brides:

  • Lehenga

One timeless piece that has always been a part of Indian bridalwear is the lehenga. A lehenga is a three-piece ensemble consisting of a long skirt, a blouse or choli, and a dupatta. It’s typically adorned with heavy embroidery and embellishments.

Choose ones with geometric motifs that are accented with mirror work, sequins, and beads. That will make you stand out without having to try too hard. The beauty of a lehenga is that it can be styled in several ways to suit the bride’s taste. For example, a bride could opt for a traditional red lehenga with heavy gold embroidery or choose a more modern take on the lehenga by opting for a white lehenga with silver embroidery.

  • Shimmery Sarees

Nothing screams Indian bride more than a saree. A saree is a timeless piece of clothing that can be worn on any occasion. It is the perfect choice for a bride who wants to show off her curves.

Sarees are available in adorned fabrics such as silk, chiffon, and Georgette. They can come with various embroideries such as zari, sequins, and beads. If you want to make a statement, opt for a shimmery saree in a bright red, orange, or yellow color. If you want something more subtle, then opting for a pastel-colored saree would be the way to go.

  • Anarkali Suit

The Anarkali suit is another timeless piece of Indian clothing that has been a favorite among brides. It is a long, flowy dress usually polished with heavy embroidery and embellishments.

Anarkali Suits come in a range of designs and styles, and they’re suitable for almost any occasion. Costumes ranging from simple to intricately crafted are available for special events like weddings. Fabrics such as georgette, brocades, silk, chiffon, and others are used to cater to a wide range of tastes and styles.

Due to its blend of rich Indian culture and current trends, the latest Anarkali Suits have won the hearts of almost all Indian women. A woman’s wardrobe isn’t complete without at least one Anarkali garment.

  • Salwar Kameez

The salwar kameez is another popular choice among brides. It is a three-piece ensemble consisting of a long tunic, loose pants, and a dupatta.

The salwar kameez can be made from a variety of fabrics such as silk, cotton, and even synthetic materials. It can also be embellished with a variety of embroideries and designs.

  • Gown

The gown is a popular choice among brides who are looking for a more modern take on traditional Indian clothing. It’s a long, flowing dress that can be made from various fabrics such as silk, cotton, and even synthetic materials. It can also be embellished with a variety of embroideries and designs.

The elegance of gowns can be styled in classical ways, suiting the bride’s taste. For example, a bride could opt for a more traditional gown with heavy embroidery or choose a more modern take on the gown by opting for different silhouettes and adding surface ornamentation like ruffles, feathers and tassels, etc. These are just a few of the many timeless pieces of clothing that are sure to make any bride look her best. So, go ahead and take your pick!

  • Dupatta

The dupatta is a long scarf that is typically draped over the head and shoulders. It is an essential part of many Indian outfits, such as the lehenga, saree, and salwar kameez. The dupatta can be made from silk, cotton, and even synthetic materials. It can also be embellished with a variety of embroideries and designs.

The dupatta is significant because it enhances the bride’s beauty and represents Indian culture. A lady covers her head with a dupatta to respect and deference to the elders. When your wedding dates start knocking on your door and you go shopping, keep track of our latest bridal dupattas for your auspicious day.

Tip – Watch out for the jewelry

No Indian outfit is complete without the perfect accessories. And when it comes to bridalwear, jewelry plays a very important role. It enhances the bride’s beauty and adds a touch of class and elegance to her overall look. The most popular pieces of jewelry among brides are heavy necklaces.


Spending our lives with our lovely partners resonates with moments of joy. For millennials, classic is the new ‘chic,’ so having a good time from the walk down the aisle to the meet and greets and all the dancing hijinks is a must, even if you keep the sartorial essence anchored. 

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