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Blue topaz, also known as London blue topaz, is one of the most popular gemstones in the world, and rightly so. It’s not too flashy or ostentatious, yet it still catches people’s eyes with its gentle color and stunning shine. If you’re looking to buy this beautiful stone, these tips will help you get the perfect pair of London blue topaz earrings or pendant.

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Shape is more important than size. The difference between a great pair of earrings and an ordinary pair are not always obvious, but a well-cut stone will reflect light with exceptional brilliance. Another good sign is to look at price per carat. A poorly cut stone that costs less may be worse value than a higher-quality stone. Cut does make a difference when it comes to appearance, though not as much when it comes to durability and wearability. Before you buy blue topaz earrings or any other jewelry, ask about cut:

if it’s too shallow, there won’t be enough meat to hold in prongs; too deep and they might snap when worn; and oval cut stones often display rainbows best. Also consider whether it’s been treated (enhanced) with heat. Heat treatment makes some gems brighter and richer, while others turn brown or black. It’s fine to get treated stones—as long as you know what they are—but steer clear of black amethyst and emeralds, which have had color injected into them through a process called dyeing. You can also check out gems under magnification; lab grown gems tend to have ragged edges, while natural ones have clean lines. Natural gems also tend to feel heavier than lab grown ones.


When shopping for gems, it’s helpful to know what you’re looking at. A clarity grade is given to a gemstone to represent how many inclusions (blemishes, cracks, etc.) there are in its structure. The smaller the number assigned to a gem’s clarity rating, the more expensive it becomes. For example, an AAA-quality diamond has fewer flaws than an N-quality diamond. As per usual, you get what you pay for. When shopping around for a blue topaz ring or necklace set with diamonds, opt for one with at least VVS quality topaz—it will be more valuable and easier to sell down the line if you ever decide to part ways with your bling. The Four C’s: Quality also varies depending on cut, color, carat weight and clarity. In other words, topaz that scores high in each category costs more than lower-quality stones that have high scores in just one category. This concept is known as the four C’s — carat weight is included because a large stone weighs more but isn’t necessarily better than a small stone of equal value.

Carat Weight

The weight determines how big or small your stone will be, but carat is most useful when comparing two pieces of jewelry with different shapes. Bigger stones are more valuable, so a one-carat round-cut diamond will cost more than a half-carat marquise-cut diamond. For example, you might find a pair of earrings that catches your eye. They’re gorgeous and have 1 carat total weight (0.50 carats per earring), but they are an emerald cut and not brilliant—so they might be worth less than another pair in which both earrings are 0.50 carats but round cuts.

That said, color is also important to consider. A deep blue topaz may appear larger than a light blue topaz even though they have equal weights. If you want to make sure you’re getting as much bang for your buck as possible, it helps to know what size stone would fit into your budget if all other things were equal. You can use our Carat Weight Calculator to help figure out what size gemstone would work best within your budget!

Setting (Prong vs. Bezel)

Prong settings feature four to six small points that hold a gemstone in place. A bezel setting is ideal for more rectangular or square stones because it surrounds them, holding them securely in place. If you’re shopping for London blue topaz, prongs will keep it safe and secure; if you’re shopping for a round cut topaz, a bezel setting will show off its shape best. Whichever stone you choose—and no matter which setting—look closely at how well-set it is before choosing your jewelry piece. Ideally, prongs or metal should sit just under your stone’s surface: too far under and they may break through during wear; too far out and they may get snagged easily when you clean your piece regularly. Be sure to ask your jeweler about any care instructions before purchasing your new piece!


The price will play a large role in determining whether or not you buy a stone. The saying goes that you get what you pay for, and while it’s good to have a rough idea of how much something should cost, don’t let that be your only consideration. Topaz comes in several varieties and cuts, so there are many things to consider when shopping around. Make sure to ask questions about cuts and clarity; only ask about color if it is shown in pictures. If color isn’t important to you then it may be best to look at prices alone. This won’t tell you everything about how expensive a gemstone is, but it does give some context. Look at cut, clarity, and carat weight when deciding which topaz to purchase. It is also worth noting that buying loose stones can save you money since they are typically cheaper than buying them set into jewelry.

Considerations Before Purchasing Them

Before you set out to shop for topaz earrings, take a moment to consider what type of jewelry you’re looking for. If you have sensitive ears, earrings with posts are your best bet because they are more likely to cause irritation than dangle styles. Though there’s no difference in quality or weight between yellow and white topaz earrings, many women feel that white gemstones look better against their skin tone; so if you can swing it, go with those instead. On a similar note, if your ears are small and close together—or extra-large and stretched out from years of wearing heavy hoops—it’s probably a good idea to opt for smaller earrings.

Large gems will overwhelm your face and make you look frumpy. It’s also important to think about whether you want studs or dangling earrings. Dangling earrings will catch light as you move around throughout your day, drawing attention to them; whereas studs are more subtle but tend not to be as fashionable these days. Also, some people don’t like how bulky studs can be when worn with certain hairstyles. So before shopping for topaz earrings, think about what kind of style suits you best!

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