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An upcoming metropolis near to megacity Pune, Mumbai city is growing fast with economic developments. People move to Mumbai for work. A lot of people shift here to or within Mumbai every day, changing homes takes a big toll. People need help in shifting according to their jobs or other works. Packers and movers help in doing the hectic chores of packing each and everything in your household.

Multiple Packers and Movers Mumbai to Pune companies provide service for your needs, few of them are professional some are inexperienced. How do you know if the company you’re going for is reliable or not? Or how do you choose a particular company that is most suitable for you? Don’t worry! Here are some tips that might help you to choose the right movers and packers.

Background research

Having knowledge of business provides an advantage in the decision-making process. Background research about anything is really important when we are about to do things that we do not know about. Finding packer and movers companies near you is the first thing to do, get some idea about how they operate or how they will relocate your things. Look thoroughly over their websites, online reviews, match your requirements and look at what will be helpful to you. Choose a company accordingly and make a list for further actions. Check for authentic sources, look for the genuineness of the business as there are unregistered vendors too, do not fall into prey. Illegitimate businesses can overcharge you due to which you will have a trouble-free shifting of your home.

Finding Quotation

While shortlisting your packer and movers companies, ask for quotations from 5-6 companies for getting a better idea of their charges and service quality. Compare the quotations and choose the most cost-effective and budget-friendly service provider. You can negotiate the prices too, make the best deal out of the business, there are always some margins, ask for cost reduction wherever feasible.

Low Budget worries: A solution

Moving on a low budget? No problem you may take credit in form of a personal loan from credit firms. If you don’t want compromise, ask your service provider to make some makeshift arrangements for making shifting at least cost possible. You should compare the deals you’re getting from other companies and can reduce your cost-effectively by taking a number of steps.

  • By becoming flexible with dates like move-in offseason, weekdays or middle of the month or in the night or early morning.
  • Book very early the movers and packers will give you good offers that way.
  • Provide flexibility to your relocation schedule.
  • Reduce your heavy and unnecessary luggage, you can sell unnecessary items too.
  • If you’re really low on budget pack items yourself and ask to cut off any of the added services to your bill.

Lowest Offer

Few companies don’t get any good business, they lure clients with the best of cost-effective deals but they lack professionalism, don’t get lured to these companies. If someone is offering unrealistic pricing don’t deal with them. They may include hidden charges for services too; there are some immoral business operators. You should compare deals out of the pool of good companies.


While looking for the packers and movers company, check for their licences, registrations, GST Number, Income Tax Number etc. Look for things that build trust that the vendor is a legitimate business. A reputed company will honour every documentation, so look for the documents before booking. Satisfy yourself otherwise you might get in trouble.

Look out for reviews

If you have time, do look for reviews. Don’t blindly trust whatever the company says, there is false advertising too. It’s done just to entice the customers for the services that they can’t provide. Reviews play an important factor, nowadays reading reviews is easy, look for google reviews, comments on the social media pages of the moving companies. You can compare companies over the online reviews. Online reviews. You can ask the company for references too; it can show their reliability.

Verify their contact details

It’s very important to keep a record of contact details along with the primary number consider taking another secondary contact too. Takedown details like website, email, fax number etc. Verify the company’s physical presence as ‘do the company has a physical office or not?’ Look how big, old, reputable it is. It helps avoid discrepancies over the last minute packing and moving of the shipment. Mumbai has its Transport Nagar in Nigdi, most of the companies are registered here. Don’t fall into the wrong business, verify your packers and movers’ company.

Packing and Loading

Packing materials are an important thing in this business. Observed everything is packed properly Packaging materials that the company will be using should be a right fit for your stuff. The materials should be new and high in quality for better protection. You must ask them who will be dealing with your stuff as the people should be professionals in their field who knows how to properly pack, load and unload your items according to their fragility.


Risk protection is important, with just for a small amount of money you can safeguard your luggage, despite careful handling few things can break while transit, they can be very precious. You should ask for the insurance plans available with your packers and movers company. If they are not providing insist them to plan one for you.

Payment details

Never pay the total amount upfront. There is always something left at the last in the packers and movers business. When you are finalizing everything, consider their quotation breakdown with each and every charge. You should be clear with all the charges to avoid any disputes in later stages. The extra added services if any need to be removed or added and remember it doesn’t come back as other hidden costs.

Happy shifting with your packers and movers company. Choose wisely your company and live a hassle-free life, enjoy Mumbai city ‘Queen of the Deccan’.

Author Bio:- Vishal

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