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For those who are starting out in any kind of hotel, whether small or large the manual entry of data can be difficult, particularly when you’ve been working in the field for a long. Hotel management Software encompasses the booking of rooms, housekeeping and management of customer data, and more.

Hotel management software is an essential technology for businesses in the hotel industry. This software has all the features that you require to simplify the hotel’s; daily tasks and have a positive impact on your guest. Additionally, it is also crucial to manage your employees and property efficiently; to make more revenue and increase productivity. There are various vendors for hotel management software in India but, it is essential to choose the best system that supports your business goals. Every business in the hotel industry might have a different requirement depending on their accommodation type and the clients they cater to.

As a software recommendation platform, we have analyzed the software solutions and made a list of the top ten hotel management systems in 2021.

Making Hotel Management online takes the weight off your shoulders by automating every operation by using the software. There are many Hotel Management Software India providers in India however, these are 10 of the best that have been narrowed down:

1. Hotelogix PMS

  • What do you think if hotel management software provides solutions that are cloud-based? It is making life easier every day. From tracking payments, to booking rooms online, extending the modular modules that can be customized, and providing travel portal hyperlinks, Hotelogix is a tough competition in the marketplace.
  • Hotelogix is an enterprise-grade cloud-based Hotel Property Management System provider that has added a number of crucial functions to their hotel PMS in 2021. These features are primarily to assist chain and large hotels in various elements of the business.
  • A few of the additional functions of Hotel PMS are designed to assist hotels in implementing enterprise-class operations. The new reports for multi-properties include CRO 1.0 central control of travel agents and corporate profiles reports, report scheduler, e-invoicing and support for multi-currency invoicing.

2. Micros Fedeli

Micros Fedelio offers a wide range of software solutions with their software, which includes administration as well as marketing and technical support. All-in-one HMS provides all the hotel requires to run its business.

The most basic characteristics are:

  • Simple to make use of
  • Information on the status of occupancy and availability of hotel facilities in all hotels
  • Supports multilingualism, various currencies, and different laws.
  • Navigation between screens
  • Graphic icons, pull- down menu
  • There is the possibility of calling for assistance or help with every operation
  • A huge amount of reports, stats …
  • High security
  • Connectivity with POS systems, Back Office, telephone management systems door locking and financial equipment…

3. eZee Frontdesk

Recordings of guests making check-in and out from hotels maintaining updates, invoices for customers tracking, and online booking have been made easy by EZEE Frontdesk software. 

The main features include :

  • Hotel status on main screen, with simple Check In Check Out
  • Reservation Group Management
  • Direct Billing for Operations
  • City Ledger.1. Reservation & Group Booking Management
  • Back Office Module
  • Guest Relations Management Module
  • Integration is available with eZee Reservation and the eZee Centrix

4. WinHMS

It is renowned for being user-friendly and simple to use, WinHMS is exclusively meant for the hospitality industry. A software business that is devoted to offering solutions to manage data and working online, WinHMS is considered as an investment that is reliable.

  • The best Hospitality Management System
  • Helps to retain guests – allows the user to offer more efficient service to guests
  • A first-ever comprehensive ERP approach to the Hotel industry. It gives total control over all activities Pro management foolproof 6-level password Security
  • Interfaces to All Hardware Devices
  • The first time Drilldown feature across all modules
  • Powerful audit trail
  • Absolute control of all areas of operation.
  • Dashboard screen that manages all front office operations all on one screen. simple to master! Easy to operate
  • The features are diverse and cover the entire range of operations


To manage room booking guests’ hospitality, preferences and reservations, IDSNEXT offers reports and analytics to give you an advantage. IDSNEXT is a centralized system to manage several chain hotels.

IDSNEXT Features:

  • Front Office Management.
  • Point of Sale.
  • Marketing and Sales.
  • Banquets & Conferencing.
  • Materials Management.
  • Cost of food and beverages.
  • Financial Management.
  • Maintenance Management.


Prologix first provides real-time data analysis and update with a user-friendly interface.

  • Modular. It is scalable as required.
  • Innovative. Higher functionality. Customisation.
  • Reliable. Trusted by the world’s top hospitality executives.
  • Responsive. Rapidly responding to the needs of customers.

7. Hoteliga

Automating hotel operations has been made simpler thanks to Hoteliga managing the entire management and operations to the cloud. From point of sale to reports and price management, Hoteliga is a great hotel property management tool.

  • A user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • A simple way to do efficient work. Do not be intimidated by the complexity of traditional software!
  • Access to any device
  • Make use of your tablet, smartphone, or laptop to control your property starting on the first day!
  • All-In-One Cloud Solution
  • To make Your Property everything, you require efficient hotel management at one location.
  • Continuous improvement
  • Updates are based upon your preferences and suggestions.
  • Powerful, feature-rich, affordable
  • Affordable prices without commitments to long-term contracts.
  • Customers across the globe are satisfied with our local knowledge and demands. Multilingual, multi-currency, multi-tax.
  • 5-star multi-language support

8. RoomMaster

InnQuest has launched a product known as roomMaster for sizes of hotels and is able to handle multiple functions and data simultaneously. 

9. Frontdesk Anywhere

With a well-known name in the world of software, Frontdesk Anywhere offers services for medium and small-sized sectors.

Hotel Frontdesk Software

Frontdesk Anywhere offers hoteliers a full PMS solution that can manage essential aspects of their operations that include reservation management, guest communications with customized and standard reports including revenue and reputation management, point of sale and credit processing for credit cards.

10. Innkey PMS

Innkey PMS provides PMS solutions for an array of hospitality companies centered around hotels like motels and hostels, military residences suites, ranches, resorts, inns, and much more. InnkeyPMS is well-known for its incredibly flexible approach to the sizes of restaurants and the services it provides.

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