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Are you looking to know what the top 10 online video games are? Then, let us discuss the same here. If you are interested in learning, what are the games that people around the world mostly play? Then, pursue to read till the end. Below, we have included all the fun and the process of how to play them.

In recent times, people from the United States are playing online games like they never played before. The main reason maybe this pandemic is because of which they can’t go outside. It may be the reason why everyone started playing these computer and mobile games.

What are the top 10 online video games?

In this section, we will list the top 10 games that most of the players play. Let us get started.


Roblox is a gaming stage that has eight million players in the whole United States. There are almost 700 games on this platform for which everybody has their sort of game to play for. Among these games, Murder secret 2 is the best game appraised by the players as of now. This gaming stage has different scopes of games, from fun games to terrifying games.

Likewise, there is something special with regards to Roblox redeem. It is that the game utilizes its cash to let you purchase all the in-game embellishments. The cash is known as the Robux, whose worth is 80 Robux for one United States Dollars. Get more information you can checkout at here www.roblox.com/redeem.

Mine craft

As the name suggests, mine craft is a 3-D game where you need to construct crafts with the raw materials given to you. It is more like making new crafts successfully before others in the game. This game’s strategy is very simple but loved by everyone who plays out there.

This game focuses on problem-solving and creative thinking skills, which can do a lot of good for children.


It stands for the defense of the ancients two, which is a game of DOTA. As the name tells, players need to fight against the opposers in battle ground. The weapons are of an ancient type, and it builds the ability to protect yourself and teaches you how to destroy the opponents. Though the game looks simple, it has 3million followers and stands as one of the top 10 online video games.


It is a shooting game where you will act as a soldier on your country’s border, and you need to kill the terrorists out there and protect your land. With advanced gaming options, the game looks very cool, and as it is a multiplayer game, you can play with your friends.

Call of duty

We don’t think this needs an introduction. This game evolved its structure in 2003 by basing the idea on the second world war. This game is completely killing the cops in the war area and rescuing your team. Though the gaming strategy sounds like a common one, the game is addictive once you start to play. It is the reason this has been one of the top 10 online video games.


This game is for someone very interested in shooting games. It is also a multiplayer game that came into existence in the year 2015. Here, you need to shoot the ones who attack you and save your land and property from them, whose whole intention is to invade.

World of tanks

It is for someone interested in racing games. While you enter a game, you need to select a vehicle that the game offers and compete with the other cars. The cars are of different types, and that is the more exciting part of this game.


Saving is one aspect. It is a shooter game where you need to save your land. After you save the game, you will see the gaming conditions destroyed, and the planet looks like an ill one. With the equipment available, you need to turn the world into a healthy one.


It is a 12-player game that is to provides a shooting platform. Here, you will land on a battlefield where you need to shoot your opponents and make your team win. By saving your team, you win the future earth where you can stay in the game’s other levels.


It is a multi-player game that is about selecting cards. This game can be played online with your friends to choose individual cards. The specifications of the card you pick up will decide your game. It is known to be one of the funniest games.


We have discussed, top 10 online video games in the above sessions. These are the most played games by gamers in recent times.

If you have any queries on this, mention us in the comment section below.

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