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Are you calculating to buy your first home? Or not count if this is your second or third house, you want to get the most out of the money that you invest. If you want to live in a home that replaces the one in your dream for the unexplainable matters that it exhibits. Still, this blog is what you need, If you’re planning to buy luxury homes in Kerala. It contains an entire list of the things to account for before you look for homes in Kerala. Here, am going to share some tips to buy your dream home. Also, it’ll help to avoid nonessential problems that might arise during the process and guide you across in your search to find the real home. 

   1. Validate the Land Documents.

Validate the Land Documents

As a buyer, it becomes your right and a compulsory step to check the original title deed of the property without breaking to examine the affiliated parent documents. Along with these, you need to validate the possession certification, land tax bills, encumbrance documents, etc, before reserving your dream homes in Kerala. 

2. Who Approved the Plan?

Loan Approval It isn’t that a builder gets some property or land and starts constructing a set of villas across some region of Kerala, you want to query who’s the concerned authority to have approved the plan. 

 Before constructing a home in Kerala you should ask your builder to produce the original N.O.C and that they got from the Fire and Rescue Department and Pollution Control Board and get it examined. 

Also, validate the building permit that was sanctioned by the corporation/ municipality/ panchayat. Before you buy these villas in Kerala, you should ensure that your builder has got the below-specified approvals. 

   3. Authenticate the Sale Deed and Other Agreements

You must examine the draft of the agreement that needs to be executed between the builder of these premium homes for sale in Kerala. And also the draft of the sale deed that needs to be implemented. 

4. Locale

LocaleThis is another important factor to be accounted for before you choose apartments/ flats or villas for sale in Kerala. Examine whether your dream home is well connected to the metropolis’s major locales, hospitals similar as MIMS Hospital, Baby Hospitals, transport centres similar as KSRTC, education institutions like IIM, NIT, Medical College etc. 

 Home should be at an optimum distance from the rush and bustle of megalopolis life. Then only you can enjoy the cool breath from nature. 

   5. Essential Facilities and Amenities


Before you buy the villas in Kerala you must examine the facilities and amenities that are delivered by the builders. These days you’ll find that all the luxury homes in Kerala are equipped with a lot of amenities and establishments. These include CCTV camera installation, fitness outfit, swimming pool, etc. Also, it’s required to examine the safety and protection measures before you move.

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