As more and more people are becoming aware of the harmful effects of plastic, the global trend is moving in favor of more environmentally-friendly options. According to a recent study published in Science magazine, an estimate of around 8.3 billion plastic straws pollutes beaches worldwide. Therefore, it has become important more than ever to look for an environmentally-friendly alternative for consuming drinks and beverages. 

Thus, from reusable stainless steel pocket straw to budget-friendly disposable paper, people opt to use healthier options. Rightly so, when it comes to safety, durability, and overall environmental benefits, reusable stainless steel straws are the best! However, it is not easy to find clean, easy to carry, and reusable straws. So, if you are also wondering what the best practical alternatives to plastic straws are, you are at the right place! Read this blog to find some most popular “eco-friendly” alternatives to single-use plastic straws. 

 1- Stainless Steel Straws 

Stainless-Steel straws are one of the best options to consider while looking for a straw. The stainless straws have a superior strength-to-weight ratio compared to other materials. Therefore, they are durable, and that does not diminish over time, even with repeated use. Additionally, they are 100% food safe and do not contain harmful chemicals. Furthermore, they are widely available in a variety of different sizes and designs, so you can carry them with you wherever you go. Moreover, you can even get straws with names on them engraved. However, as they are durable and reusable for a long period, stainless straws are often more expensive than other materials.

 2- Glass Straws 

Glass straws are another great alternative to plastic straws. These straws are usually non-toxic, easy to clean, and smooth to touch. Regardless of the beverage you drink, these straws are sure to provide a clean, neutral taste with a great drinking experience. However, they are easily prone to cracking or breaking. So, you need to be careful and prevent them from hitting a hard object or falling to the ground. Also, some glass straws are not suitable for hot drinks and can be much more expensive than other reusable alternatives. 

 3- Silicone Straws 

The silicone straws are food-safe, flexible, soft straws made from natural materials. These straws are best suited for those who require softer straws to consume liquid drinks, such as young children or disabled individuals with limited mobility. Furthermore, you can also add silicone straw tips for individuals with special needs or a preference for soft straws. The silicone is super flexible and durable. However, the material tends to attract a lot of dust and is harder to care for and clean. 

 4- Bamboo Straws 

The bamboo straws are made from naturally harvested materials, such as Rye Grass, used since primitive human times. These straws are natural, organic, degradable, and eco-friendly. However, they are usually more difficult to clean compared to other materials. Moreover, they have very limited reusability compared to other materials and are good for only 1 or 2 servings. Therefore, they work best as alternatives to single-use plastic straws. 

 5- Aluminum Straws 

These straws are highly reusable, fully recyclables, and come in various types of colors. So, if you are looking for a reusable metal with dynamic colors, aluminum straws can be a great option for you. Furthermore, the aluminum straws have similar properties as stainless steel with lighter strength to weight ratio. When it comes to cost, they are more or less comparable to stainless steel straws prices, 

6- Paper Straws 

Unlike other materials, paper straws are not reusable. Yet, they are one of the most popular single-use alternatives to plastic because of their affordability. They are ideal for occasions where a disposable straw is needed to serve with drinks, such as the go-to orders in restaurants and bars. However, paper straws are not entirely eco-friendly as they are made from cutting trees and produce single-use waste. In addition, cheaper-made paper straws tend to get soggy or collapse before you even finish your drink. Also, some straws are made with wax or chemical coatings that are non-biodegradable and non-recyclable. 

Final Takeaway 

As responsible citizens, it is our duty to preserve our environment and care for its well-being. Using environmental-friendly straws is a great way to ensure that you take a step towards preserving the environment. These straws are not only practical to use but also easy to carry. However, starting out with these straws can be challenging, especially when you are habitual of using regular straws. Therefore, it is important to be patient with your approach and eliminate the usage of plastic straws. In addition, you can also use the custom name straws to make these straws look more appealing and attractive. Lastly, you should supervise the young children to safely use the drinking straws made of hard materials such as glass, steel, aluminum, and bamboo.

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