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Timming & pruning are the key essential processes to give proper care to your planted trees. These steps should be followed regularly for better growth. Trimming starts with a small cutting at a beginning, and then cutting within the specific position.   

Many people consider these two processes similar, but this is not true. They have some differences when it comes to the maintenance of the plants.

One of these processes plays an essential role in maintaining the healthy life of trees. They both are done in different stages of the tree’s life. The blog contains the details of each process & its role in tree maintenance.

What is the trimming process?

Trimming maintains the proper shape & size of the branches to give them a pleasing look. When you trim the branches, it allows the plants to grow in a faster way. The newly grown branches are thicker than before, which helps in providing a healthy life for the plants. 

This process also helps remove the crowding of the trees planted too closely and gives them a proper shape. This may be done in three months or five, which helps in better growth of the plants. Generally, the time of trimming depends on how fast the branches grow with the favorable climatic conditions.

Trimming a healthy procedure –

Trimming is a healthy process when done correctly. You are only required to remove 15- 20% of the branches, stopping growth. More than this, removal will cause harm to your plants.

What is Pruning?

It is a process of removing dead and damaged branches & also is responsible for shaping the plants. It is perform to maintain the healthy life of the plants you grow. 

This can experienced that without pruning the tree, they may cause some serious disease. It improves the sunlight to go directly to the branches leading to better food production. 

This can be done every two or three years; they are more done on ornamental plants than fruit plants. 

Pruning a healthy method for trees-

Pruning results in better circulation of sunlight & the air to plants resulting in a healthy plant that is infection-free (from insects & disease). If you do not perform this process, you may face problems like dead branches and others. 

Now, you must get the idea of the best time to trim & prune the plants. Here we go-

If you have planted a tree which grows very fast and shows the dead branches, then you can prune it within a year or one-an- half year.

Whereas trimming can be done after the healthier growth of the plant, if you find that the shape & size of the tree is disturbing, then you can perform this process with the needed tools. 

Now, when you have a better understanding of the time & the procedure, then you should know about the tools required in the same process.

Why prune the tree?

For safety purposes, you should prune the tree, as the dead & damaged branches lead to many severe diseases which cause harm to the surroundings as well. 

Another concern to do pruning is to remove the hanging branches, which are also damaged. These branches are not suitable for the proper growth of your planted tree. 

Trees should be properly trimmed and pruned to prevent them & nature from getting harmed by this. Also, the properly maintained plants look perfect compared with unshaped trees. 

Hopefully, you understand the importance of pruning the tree in its proper growth. So, let’s have a discussion on ways of pruning trees- 

As you can see, there are various ways to improve the health & shape of the trees. Each method aims to give a proper space & atmosphere to the plant for its growth. There are a few popular and effective ways of pruning trees & each has the crown of the tree. If your plant doesn’t have a proper crown, it will stay weaker throughout its lifetime. 

The ways of pruning are- 

  • Crown thinning

Thinning of the crown is the most common method used in pruning. It helps in controlling the sunlight and airflow to the branches. 

In this step, you can only remove some parts of the branches which do not affect the shape and size of the overall tree. To maintain its shape, you are allowed to perform the thinning process all over the tree with the exact measurement. 

You need to perform this task very gently so the shape will remain the same. 

  • Reduction of the crown

This allows you to deduct the whole branch from the endpoint so that it can grow new in the season, which will last longer and help increase that plant’s life. This method is generally used in old trees.

It allows the mature trees to enhance the new growth within them.  

  • Crown raising

This method of pruning the tree is performed once in a while. They lift the bottom edge of the tree limbs to clear the crowd. 

Sometimes while performing this method, the lower branches are removed, making the tree weaker & which is not good.  

It allows you to remove only four limbs once when performing this process. 

  • Crown cleaning

This process is also done along with the trimming. It allows you to remove the unwanted dead & broken branches. It can be done frequently along with trimming. 

Crown cleaning can reduce the future damage caused to the surroundings and the plant. It gives strength to it for better growth. 

Now, when you have a better idea of the time when you can perform this process & how it will be done, then you should know about the tools required in the same process.

Tools that are needed-

  • Trimming tools

Depending on the size of the trees, multiple tools are used in the trimming process. Some of them are- manual branch shears, loppers, chainsaws and more.

  • Pruning tools

Hand tools such as loopers and handheld clippers with longer blades are used to prune the trees. Chainsaws are used to cut the long branches and are the most effective tool for the same. 

Hope this article helped you gain the details of the trimming & pruning process. 

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