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We know the importance of ramps in our life. Ramps are not only essential for the mobility of people who have problems with their motor skills. 

They also help in lifting heavy material, luggage, and transporting things from one place to another without lifting them.

Ramps are usually found in public places to support every type of person to have an access to that place.

We also know that ramps can be permanent or can be temporary as well. They can be portable and non-portable.

In this article, we will discuss all trifold ramps.


Ramps are of two types in general: they are permanent and temporary.

Temporary ramps are such kinds of ramps that are meant to be ported here and there for the ease of their users. One can make their arrangement while traveling to a place being unsure of the availability of a ramp or not.

These temporary ramps have the feature of being foldable. This feature exists so that these ramps can be easily stored without occupying too much space in the house.

There are two subtypes of a temporary ramp known as single fold ramps and multiple fold ramps.


As the name suggests a single fold ramp can be folded into a single layer when they are not in use, these ramps are ideally compact and small in size.

They are used for covering an inclined height of small to moderate levels.

Multiple fold ramps are those ramps that can be folded into multiple layers when they are not in use.

These ramps cover an inclined height of around moderate level and are divided into various sections to promote easy storage and occupy less storage space.


Trifold ramps fall in the category of multiple fold ramps as they can be folded into three layers.

These ramps are ideal for use when the length of the required ramp is longer.

They can be folded in three layers which promotes ease of portability and storage of the ramp when not in use.

Portable Tri-Fold Wheelchair Ramps

Tri-Fold Ramps:

Several portable wheelchair ramps are as useful and simple to use as the tri-fold car ramps available here. They’re made of strong, welded aircraft aluminum and are lightweight while supporting loads of up to 800 lbs. These tri-fold wheelchair loading ramps are available in 5′, 6′, 7′, 8′, and 10′ lengths, but fold up to half their respective lengths and 29-inch widths. Each has a high-quality, non-slip floor and can be used to provide accessibility for manual/power wheelchairs and scooters.

These tri-fold aluminum wheelchair ramps can be used to load cars, vans, and pick-up trucks, as well as provide access up steps and stairs. They come with built-in carrying handles and storage.


A trifold ramp comes in a single piece or usually in two separate sections which promote easy storage and handling of the equipment.

It can be up to the length of 5 to 10 feet and is an ideal option for slightly elevated landings, for steps, or for boarding a bit large vehicles.


A trifold ramp is built with strong aluminum and is meant to be very sturdy so that it can carry huge weight.

It is made with aircraft quality material that helps in keeping it resistant to slipping and skidding.

It also consists of plates that adjust between the ground and the ramp for conversion of the bottom of the ramp to the ground and support the elevation.

These ramps come in large varieties and can be used for various purposes such as lifting the luggage, mobility of wheelchairs, and other mini-vans.



The most visible advantage of a trifold ramp is that these ramps are easy to store, while they are made of a solid material they cannot be carried as a single unit, however, the feature of folding them helps us in storing them as a single unit with ease.

If the folds are completely open, it will become so difficult for us to store them as they are meant to cater to an inclined height of about 10 feet, thus, these ramps provide us the benefit of storing them with ease.


These ramps are very durable. Trifold ramps are built with aircraft quality material. This is a quite solid material that has a good resistance power. Thus, once invested in these ramps, they will give you the advantage of their use for a very long time in the future as well.


Trifold ramps come in the category of temporary ramps. These ramps are meant for being carried to different places to provide convenience to the user of the ramps.

We also discussed the other benefits of a trifold ramp, thus, with this feature of them being portable one can take the advantage of their use anywhere and anytime.


Trifold ramps are made of such a material that prevents luggage or wheelchairs from skidding over them.

Thus, if a person uses a trifold ramp to access a wheelchair he runs a low risk of falling or tripping and getting injured.

How to Calculate the Length of a Wheelchair Ramps

The calculations apply not only to walkers, manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, and scooters, but also to people who have difficulty walking due to injury, amputation, surgery, or balance issues.

  • Choose from Single-Fold or Tri-Fold Ramps.
  • Threshold Ramps can be either an entryway or a transition ramp.
  • Permanent Ramps & Walkways at Gateways

Folding ramps have a maximum length of 10′, which is the longest ramp we offer.

How to Select a Ramp Length:

  1. The ADA 4.8° rule states that a 1-inch rise per 12-inch ramp length equals 4.8°.
  2. We recommend that public and commercial properties adhere to the ADA requirements of 4.8° and longer ramp lengths.
  3. The 14.5° rule: This is not always possible or practical for home use. Try the 14.5° rule and the 3:12 ratio. This can be calculated by dividing the rise in inches by three (a 24-inch rise requires an 8-foot ramp; 36-inch requires a 12-foot ramp).
  4. 9.6° for power wheelchairs and scooters: Always consult the owner’s manual for your equipment to determine the recommended degree of incline. The recommended incline capability of a typical power wheelchair is about 9.6° with the patient in the chair or scooter and about 14.5° unloaded. Pushing a manual wheelchair can be difficult or simple depending on the following factors: ramp length + patient weight.

So, here we discussed all trifold ramps and their benefits. Ramps are very essential in today’s time, they also increase the value of a property.

Our parents are growing old, and to make our house or building more accessible for our elders and people with mobility issues, ramps are a must in the house.

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