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Before we formally delve into the significance of Buddha paintings, let us know who Lord Buddha was. Originally named “Siddhartha Gautama”, Buddha was the founder of Buddhism. The religion is practiced all over Southern and Eastern Asia devotedly. Buddhism means an enlightened being awaken from the circle of materialism. In other words, one who has risen over ignorance and achieved freedom. Buddha signifies Bodhi and is a reflection of peace and wisdom. Also, Buddha in any shape brings positivity at home. Buddha paintings are one of the most effective ways to change the ambiance. These embellishments on walls deter negative energy and allow peace to prevail. Let us check the importance of Buddha Paintings in detail:

Calmness and Serenity

No paintings look as beautiful as these. The peace in the Lord Buddha Figurine is unmatchable. These paintings instill positive vibes while ensuring beauty. Regardless of the size and design, the elegance these paintings carry is always unique. Moreover, mounting them in the living room bestow the status quotient. They look royal and classic at the same time. Also, these art pieces unite people at the global level. You can see Buddha paintings in every home despite their religion.

Wealth and Prosperity

Although every Buddha painting attracts wealth, laughing Buddha is prominent. Mounting laughing Buddha in the entrance bestows contentment, financial stability and fame. Not just it attracts wealth, it brings good luck too. It is usually believed that Lord Buddha grants whatever we demand. In other words, with a pure heart and soul, we can make our desires true. Buddha paintings are a way to ensure abundance in life. They are an inspiring source to remain positive, defying all the odds in life.

Repellent of negative energy

Despite advancement in technology, the power of energies, still work. Buddha paintings in the home repel negative energy. These are considered to act as a shelter against all sorrows and obstructions. The unhidden power in Lord Buddha protects us through the mounted piece of art. Also, these paintings help to relieve stress to a greater extent. For instance, hanging them in the office help to bring coordination in employees. The concealed power bestows myriad advantages in the hustle-bustle of life. As per ancient Chinese claims, Buddha’s energy is omnipresent. It effortlessly brings joy, power, and health at the same time.

The revering importance of Buddha painting is understood religiously. The benefits conferred are indubitably unparalleled and unbelievable. However, as these paintings have connections with Vastu, it is significant to know much more. Have a look over the best ways to mount these ideally:

Buddha for Living Room

As per Vastu, Buddha in reclining pose suits well in for living room. The reclining Buddha must face West direction, wherever it is placed. Also, the shape of Lord Buddha is considered the most touching. Lord Buddha attained this position just before his final time. However, the fact doesn’t make this idol or shape murky. Ensuring the consistent cleanliness of the paintings is also a viable step towards positivity.

Buddha for Entrance

The entrance of your house must be jubilant or joyful. Buddha paintings in sleeping or resting positions best serve this purpose. This style brings serenity and calmness. In addition, the resting form of Buddha deters negative energy. While bringing in good luck, it attracts a joyful ambience. Furthermore, laughing Buddha paintings in the entrance ensure happiness. They serve well to provide mindfulness among family members. The sitting posture effortlessly symbolizes love and brings firmness to mind.

Buddha for Meditation Room

Buddha paintings in a meditative state are ideal for meditation rooms. These allow us to concentrate without any revering distractions. Moreover, the Lord Buddha figure in sitting form, and hands folded, define calmness. This posture display serenity and peace. Not just these paintings go well for living rooms, but versatile. If you do not have any assigned place for meditation, mount them in corners. To add, light candles and incense sticks for creating an aura. The dazzling fragrance with Buddha painting in front leaves a lasting impression. Also, this deep meditation stage helps us to relieve stress from our minds smoothly.

Positions to Avoid placement of Buddha Paintings

  • Some people believe that God is omnipresent. Also, they restrain themselves from considering the value of the right place. However, mounting Buddha paintings in bedrooms or bathrooms should be avoided. The undeniable connection with religion pins down this school of thought.
  • Buddha paintings must be kept in hygienic and safe surroundings. The area around them should be neat and clean. Maintaining hygiene is the first step towards gaining knowledge.
  • The Buddha painting must face inner side of a room.

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