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Irritated to see the buffering sign while watching a video? It proves that you may not be satisfied with the streaming quality. But you are reluctant to upgrade to a better streaming experience because of financial restrictions.

Besides, your business needs you to stream live videos now and then. It helps in increasing the reach. Also, live videos ensure the organic growth of your business to a great extent.

The quality of video impacts the user experience. Streaming quality matters a lot when it comes to improving your online existence. The common problems could be buffering, lagging and low resolution.

These are enough to tamper with your online impression as a business owner. There is no need of focusing only on the technicalities. These are tough to understand. You can leave them.

If you don’t want to show your viewers poor quality videos, perform some actionable steps. But before that, work on your finances to carry on your business without hitches.

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You will be happy to know that buffering issues are minimized by 41%. Moreover, there is a 25% improvement in picture quality. This guest post presents a few tips and tricks to help you enhance the streaming quality of videos.

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How to fix the live streaming issues?

It may seem complicated as you relate live streaming with hardcore technical terms. However, it comprises two aspects:

Internet connectivity

You have to take care of the upload speed when it comes to living video streaming. Upload speed is at which your service provider sends data online. Therefore, it depends on your internet connection. You may require an internet connection of high-speed to upbeat the upload speed.

Equipment used for live streaming

As for types of equipment, you will require a computer or laptop, hard drive, microphone, cameras etc. Your computer’s capacity will affect live broadcasts. Make sure software applications are up-to-date, and your system has the required configuration to bear live streaming.

Ways you can fix the streaming quality

1.  Test the upload speed

Upload speed varies depending on the video quality you want to show. You would need a high upload speed to share good quality videos via the online platform. In this respect, note that time, usage and bandwidth allocation also affect the upload speed.

You can test the upload speed online. Verify the results to understand if there is a problem with your upload speed.

2. Switch to Ethernet cable connection

Wireless internet connection is popular these days. The service providers claim to provide high-speed internet. Nevertheless, users have a different story to tell.

Ethernet connectivity requires cords and cables. It may appear messy with too many wires dangling around. However, it can provide smooth internet connectivity without any interruptions.

Ethernet cable connections are set by directly connecting the device with the router. Therefore, these connections use wires. It guarantees a stable internet connection, unlike the wireless ones.

You can see an enhancement in the quality of videos when you switch to an Ethernet cable connection. Besides, you cannot ignore the drawbacks of Wireless connections.

The connection speed will fluctuate if there are too many people using the wireless internet connectivity at the same time. You have to check the upload speed before you go live every time.

3. Change your timings of live video streaming

Do you know that the time and day of the week can impact the video streaming quality? You don’t need to be surprised. You must keep track of all this information if you are an online content creator.

Find out about the peak hours of live streaming in your region. The time will differ from region to region. Search online for detailed information.

Also, you can try going live at different hours of the day. This way, you can validate the best time for you to go live. You can repeat the same method to check which weekday is perfect for live streaming.

4. Close all the background applications in your system

The system you use can impact the quality of the live video. You must make sure to shut all the background applications. Maybe, it is insignificant. But there are applications which can interrupt the processing speed.

So, it is better to close the background applications. It is also because you don’t need them while going live.

5. Shut down other connections

You might use both Ethernet and wireless connections. These connections can interrupt each other if used together. Switch off the Ethernet when you use the wireless connection and vice versa.

This way, it is easy to optimize the performance of your system. You must optimize the internet connection and the system before starting the live program. So, your video quality will not spoil any more.

6. Understand video and stream quality

Video and stream quality are different things. High-resolution video can eat up more data to upload. You have to decide between video and stream quality.

A video will load fast if it has low resolutions. So, if you prefer speed, adjust the resolution of the video accordingly to enhance the speed.

7.  Alter the video bitrate

Alter the video bitrate to change the streaming quality. You can use any live streaming software application to make the adjustments. You can lower the bit rate by lowering the video resolution since you need to load fewer data. Adjust the bitrate to find what will fit your requirement.

8.  Go through the guidelines of the live streaming platform

It is imperative to study the guidelines set out by live-streaming platforms. You must exceed the limit provided by them. All your effort will go in vain as it will help in improving the video quality.

The bottom line

For high-quality videos, high-quality settings are not enough. You must take account of various aspects to enhance the live streaming experience for your users. You must test different settings to find what would work best for you.

If you struggle with live video streaming quality, you can be your saviour. Read this guest post to learn more about how you can improve the streaming quality.

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