Because India exports large quantities of many commodities every year, the US trade data includes maximum names of Indian exporters. The US trade data offers traders more options and has many benefits. The following terms can be used to describe the many people involved in international trade:

  • Importers and exporters of goods, services
  • Brokers

Foreign trade or import-export business is an important resource that can help a country develop its economy. It also provides many job opportunities for citizens in different sectors. For developing countries such as India, import-export business is a key resource to bring in the most foreign currency and boost the economy. The Government regulates trade to facilitate smooth movement.

The USA is the preferred destination for Indian traders, accounting for a large percentage of India’s international business share. The trade analysis data from the US Census Bureau states that USA import data includes goods worth more than $2,000 per commodity, shipped by individuals or organizations (including importers/customs brokers) from other countries. On the other hand, USA exporters have shipped goods worth more than $2,500 to other countries via individuals and organizations (including US exporters, freight forwarders and carriers). These US trade data reveal the country’s large volume of international trade. It is clear that this country has many business opportunities for traders from other countries, given its vast import and export base.

Import Key is an online database that allows traders to establish trade relations with the USA. This popular online database provides US imports data and actual lists of traders who have imported goods from other countries. To get vital information, you can use the USA textile importers database. These data fields are available in the USA textile importers’ data:

  • US Consignee Name, Address, and Tel. Fax.
  • US Notify party Address, Tel, Fax
  • US Bankers Name and Address, Tel, Fax.
  • Suppliers Name, Address, Tel, Fax.
  • Date of arrival
  • Actual Product Description, as entered in Bill of Lading Marks and Nos.
  • Quantity and Unit Quantity, Measurement
  • Overseas Country
  • Overseas Port
  • US Port
  • Bill of lading number, container no, seal no, and voyage no, vessel number. There are many more fields of data…

Benefits of Importing Export Data 

Entrepreneurs today are increasingly choosing international trade or export-import as their preferred business model. A business plan is essential for international businesses. It is important to gather statistics and import data before you start an export-import business. This will help you choose the product and country to be dealt with. It is important to do extensive research in all business areas and export data. The first two major decisions that must be made are to identify the market and product. A successful business venture can be confirmed by planning and research with all the data available.

The Export and Import data gives insight into the current state of a country’s business and the potential future. There are many products on the market, including clocks, radios, electronic games, and sporting goods. Depending on the needs of the target market, almost anything can be exported and imported. If goods are to be shipped to India, they will need export data.

These data are used to determine the potential market and forecast the future of imports or export. International business can be a rewarding experience that eventually leads to long-term profits.

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