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For printing on our corrugate and honeycomb cardboard displays, for printing on our Dibond aluminum panels, for printing high-quality advertising posters, and much more: we at Stampaindigitale.it uses Durst machinery and UV inks. But what is it about? Of course, for most of the customers who come to us, and therefore do not work in the printing world, these are obscure terms, which can say little or nothing. For this reason, today we have chosen to explain what UV printing is, how it differs from “standard” methods, and what are the advantages that the use of UV inks can provide to the consumer, and therefore to those who decide to request online printing. of signs, posters, banners, advertising totems, and so on.

UV printing

In the term “UV printing” the acronym UV obviously stands for ultraviolet rays. When we talk about UV rays, we usually refer to something that should be avoid: the main source of ultraviolet rays is obviously the sun, and excessive exposure to them can cause, as we know, the much fear of sunburn, sunburn as well as much worse consequences for our skin. But beware: in recent decades man has produce devices to artificially produce UV rays, for the most diverse uses.

Among these devices, there are precisely the UV prints or ultraviolet printing systems which, through special lamps, dry the ink instantly and completely, which therefore does not require a drying period. The result is, as you can imagine, a decidedly perfect, clean print, with a color that is in its best form. The lamps in question are devices that, activate immediately after applying the ink, emit ultraviolet light, starting the chemical reaction of drying.

UV inks for printing

Obviously, using a UV printer is not enough. It is also necessary to use specially design inks, namely UV inks: this is a particular type of ink that reacts correctly to exposure to UV rays. More specifically, when the inks are “irradiate”, a polymerization process begins. In other words, the molecules present in the ink are group in stable and solid networks, allowing the liquid component to evaporate. In this way, printing is not only of better quality, but also tends to be faster than that usually obtain with water-base or solvent-base inks.

The advantages of UV inks for printing

By printing with a UV printing system it is possible to have high definition prints, and therefore extremely define. But that’s not all: UV inks also provide many other benefits. Think for example of the resistance of the print matter, which thanks to the particular ink use are not in themselves afraid of light or atmospheric agents, so that they can be expose – depending on the material use as support – even outdoors.

UV printing can also be carried out on a wide range of materials: in fact, we are talking about PVC, cardboard, aluminum Dibond, Forex, polionda, polyethylene and other materials widely use for personalize printing. We must not forget that it is a way of working that reduces printing costs,and which can therefore be use profitably even on large print runs. In the same way, given its functioning, UV printers can be use without problems even for short runs and for unique pieces, of very different formats.

Here at Stampaindigitale.it we are always looking for the best devices and products, in order to offer our customers a high quality online printing service!

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