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Forget trying to figure out the perfect wedding gift for the happy couple. If you want a gift that is going to make a statement, why not try wedding cornhole boards? It’s the perfect gift if you want to give them something fun and unique. And the chance of four other people giving the same gift is not likely.

Wedding cornhole boards can be a great gift for a group, too. If several people want to go in together on a fun option, this might just be the winning choice.

Check out these options and inspiration for wedding gifts.

Why Use Cornhole Boards as a Gift? 

Cornhole boards can make a really great gift option. Even when a couple of registers, they tend to get repetitive gifts. They might get 3 or 4 of the very same thing. Of course, they will get plenty of things that aren’t even close to registry items, too.

This type of gift is meant to be unique. It stands out and it can be used for fun for many years to come.

Carved Wedding Tree

There is just something about the classic appeal of two lovebirds carving their name into that old tree. You can easily recreate this look on a cornhole set. It’s a fun way to bring a little bit of nostalgia to a gift.

Who knows? The couple may have never had the opportunity to carve their names into a tree. This is a much better way to preserve the same concept.

With this particular design, the board is painted to look like tree bark. It’s an aged tree with light bark, and the focus goes to the carved heart and names. On the carved section, you can do a heart with names, initials, or whatever else on the inside.

Couples are never disappointed with this style, so it makes a great wedding gift.

Try Names and Dates

Honestly, how can you go wrong with a design that has the names and the date or the year that the couple is getting married? They will never have an excuse to forget their anniversary again. They can just go look at their wedding cornhole boards if they are unsure of the date!

This is a classic style and offers several options. You can always keep it simple and use stained wood in just about any color. The boards can ultimately be designed just about any way that appeals to you and then the names and dates are added to your design.

One last note here: if you decide to use a date, always make sure you are using the correct one. Triple-check that date to be sure!

Stylish Monograms

Who doesn’t love a good monogram? Brides in particular often appreciate monograms because it’s an opportunity to show off their new last name.

The cool thing about using a monogram is that you again have a lot of different options. A traditional monogram will have the last initial in the center of the design. You can use the last initial and then incorporate the last name. You can also incorporate the first names with the initial of the last name.

Check out common monogram designs for some great inspiration, or if you have a design in mind, simply start the custom cornhole boards process to have that design put on a set.

Monograms are simple but stylish. As with names and dates, you can add this to a simple board with painted or stained wood, or you can add it to something like a scenic design or a photo of the couple. It’s totally up to you.

Common choices for a monogram design include multicolor wood, Barnwood, and burned wood.

The Happy Mr. and Mrs. 

Here’s another popular choice for married couples. One board can say “Mrs.” while the other board says “Mr.” on it.

You can create boards that look like wedding attire. You can use lips on one and a mustache on the other. You can use photos, unique painted designs, or a simple wood design.

The point is we give you the basic concept of a design, and then you can turn that into whatever style you like to make the wedding cornhole boards perfect for the happy couple.

Additional Miscellaneous Ideas

These are just a few pieces of inspiration to get you started. The truth is that you can customize any possible design that you want for an ideal wedding gift.

If the couple has a color scheme or a team they love, you can always go with those ideas for great results. Check out the wedding cornhole boards’ inspirational ideas for some ideas that you simply can’t go wrong with.

Custom Wedding Cornhole Boards

When you’re looking for the best wedding gift ideas, custom cornhole boards can be a great option. There are many different options to choose from, and creating your own design is simple. Give yourself plenty of time to choose and have the order created.

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