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Fruits are one of the best sources of nutrition for the human body. They are healthy and tasty. There are many myths revolving around eating fruits and their benefits. But there have been many speculations about eating fruit, the right time to eat, the right quantity to eat, etc.

The beneficial side of fruits

Fruits form a healthy part of your diet and are full of nutrition. Many nutritionists claim that there is a specific time to eat fruit. In reality, there are many claims that are being made and are affecting many people’s lifestyles. 

Some people have a bad lifestyle that leads them to hospitals. Hospital spending can be another reason for stress that further leads to more problems. 

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The truth behind eating fruit

  • Do not eat fruits; combining them with your meal 

Most people claim that you should eat fruit on an empty stomach to get all the nutrients from the fruit. Many claims suggest that if you consume fruits with a meal, most of its nutrients are lost.

Truth: The function of the human stomach is to absorb nutrients from the fruit in whichever way we consume them. When we eat our food, only a lit bit of food is released to the intestines so that the stomach can absorb all the nutrients. 

This confirms that the stomach absorbs all the nutrients from the fruit even if you are eating them with a meal. You can eat fruit with a meal and do not worry about nutrient consumption. 

  • It is better to eat fruit on an empty stomach

When you consume fruit on an uninhabited stomach, your absorption gets more active and assists you consume all the nutrients. If you have fruits you’re your meals, it slows down your digestion process and keeps some of the food undigested.

Truth: There is no truth behind these claims as there is no scientific reasoning behind this. Fruit does not slow down the digestion of food. 

Alternately, they supply all the nutrients needed by the body. The fruit contains fiber that keeps you full for longer durations, thereby reducing your calorie intake. 

  • Consume fruits after 6 hours of waking up 

Once you wake up, your digestive system needs its time to reactivate itself. Eating high in sugar foods during the daytime decreases your metabolism rate, thereby activating your digestive system.

Truth: Your digestive system has the ability to process food irrespective of any time of the day. There is no reactivation required for your digestive system. The digestive system processes food properly without or without the consumption of fruits. 

If you consume large quantities of food, it can slow down the process, but it does not hinder the process. Regardless of any time of the day, you can consume fruit as it is good for the body. 

  • Do not eat fruits before sleeping

Many people believe that eating fruit before your sleeping time increases your blood sugar levels. It is said that your body does not get time to control the blood sugar levels, making you gain more weight.

Truth: While you are sleeping, your body does not process food as fat. While sleeping also, your body burns appropriate calories and maintains its functions. 

Many studies reveal that there is no relation between eating fruits and weight gain. You can eat fruits any time and have a nutritious meal. 

To lose weight, you can substitute your meals with a bowl of fruits and see the difference. Focus on a balanced diet and move towards a healthier you. 

  • Do not eat fruits if you have diabetes

Most people believe that if you have diabetes, you should not be eating many fruits as they contain sugar, and sugar is not good for diabetes. 

There are several species of fruit possible. Some fruits contain more sugar than others. Avoid the high sugar content fruit in case of diabetes. If you consume high sugar fruits, it can increase your diabetes and make you sick. 

Truth: Many fruits have high sugar content as compared to others. To manage your diabetes, you should regulate your blood pressure, blood glucose, fats, and weight. 

Fruits can be a major help in regulating all these factors and keeping your diabetes in control. 


Fruits are a healthy root of eating, and you can consume fruits at any time throughout the day. There is no decided time of the day to have fruits. 

Do not fall for false claims for your nutrition requirements for your body. Fruit offer you plenty of nutrients and health benefits. Hence, include fruits in your routine irrespective of the time of the day. 

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