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With the growing prevalence of various social media platforms, every young person out there is experimenting with different platforms. Even if not all of them are as engaging and addicting, there are a few that are becoming increasingly popular with time, such as BIGO live.

BIGO Technology, a Singapore-based firm founded in 2014 by David Li and Jason Hu, owns Bigo Live, an internet broadcasting service. As of 2019, Joys, a Chinese firm registered on the NASDAQ, owned BIGO Technology.

BIGO Technology is creating its own intelligent automation, which is incorporated into the program. During live broadcasting, AI features are employed to improve user interaction and engagement.  Users can give in-app presents to their favorite presenters, and some exceptionally successful broadcasters use the service as a full-time job. Like, a short video production and sharing app, is owned by Bigo.

Bigo Live is a free program that allows users to create films and live-stream their activities to friends and strangers alike. Everyone, at any time and from any location, can stream videos and interact with anyone. Streamers can look for nearby individuals and receive live remarks from other users.

Although the basic software is free, users can “recharge” in-app currency for up to $89.99. Customers may easily monetize their videos, and this method has proven to be critical to the app’s profitability. For instance, a user can exchange currency for digital presents and send them to his favorite presenter while a video is being live-streamed.

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BIGO Live is accessible in over 150 countries and on both Android and iOS devices. Additionally, BIGO Live PC is available for users who want to utilize this system on their PC, and BIGO Live Lite is available for users who have low-end gadgets. The best method to assure the best BIGO Live experiences is to use the appropriate application for your device’s capabilities.

Safety Protocols of Bigo Live

The platform, which is mainly used by gamers, wannabe performers, and content creators, demands an age requirement of 16 to create a profile. However, young folks can fool the AI system into letting them in. Notably, if they have an intense tendency for attention and praise.

Bigo Live poses a major threat in that some user-generated material may contain profanity, aggression, or sexual themes, involving seductive discourse and apparel. Furthermore, comment sections are frequently exploitative, graphic, and abusive. 

The app’s gaming approach may cause addiction, and the ongoing race to obtain “beans” can skew a user’s perception of what skill and worth entail. The software also promotes encounters with others, perhaps criminals and harassers, who may request that the youngsters see them in person. Now let’s see that how can kids be protected on Bigo Live?

  • Communicate With Your Children

In conjunction with all of this, as parents, you can make absolutely sure that you discuss the program with them. Addressing any potential hazards and difficulties with them will assist them to deal with any perceived danger that they may encounter when using the application. Online bullying is one of the most serious risks that anybody can face online, and informing your children about it is a great approach to guarantee their safety as they are using the BIGO Live app.

  • Keeping an eye on their actions

Tracking your child’s activity is another practical and beneficial technique to ensure that they are secure while using the app. If you are seeking a secure and discrete approach to supervising your children’s behavior, there are various online third-party applications that you may utilize.

In-App Purchasing

While BIGO Live is fully available for free download and use, all users have access to several in-app purchases. Users gain free coins and XP in the application with the daily login bonus and prizes. Furthermore, there are no in-app adverts or promotional programs, which is a big comfort for all BIGO Live customers who want to enjoy an uninterrupted user experience. BIGO Live participants can elevate to a VIP membership on the service by making in-app purchases. They may access a variety of visual enhancements, photo effects, messages, and much more with the VIP membership.

Viewers have two alternatives with the assistance of in-game diamonds. Users can use these diamonds to either upgrade their subscription or for online gifts. The diamonds given to the various presenters on the BIGO Live app are then turned into “beans” by the broadcaster and may then be redeemed for actual cash by them.

Communication Techniques

BIGO Live software, as online broadcasting and video streaming service, unquestionably provides its customers with the ability to video talk with their pals. Through the application’s multi-guest suites, they can invite up to nine of their friends. They can also communicate while using various filters and chat effects for added fun and enjoyment. 

Viewers can also interact with their favorite presenters during their live feed. Nevertheless, the broadcasters retain complete control and access to their life, as well as the manner in which they wish to connect with their audience. 

Finally, BIGO Live people seem to enjoy these invitational tournaments known as PKs among their favorite presenters. They can win beans by participating in these activities, which are created via virtual presents from their supporters.


The bulk of the stuff on BIGO Live is about games and amusement. With online video game broadcasting becoming incredibly common, gamers regard BIGO Live as another outstanding video streaming platform. Every day, thousands of pro players interact with BIGO Live. Aside from that, there really are influencers and content producers who regularly post amusing and interesting stuff for other people.

BIGO Live will undoubtedly become the next online networking craze in the next few years. With billions of active users, unique, creative material on the BIGO Live app, we can see it being successful with youngsters. Nonetheless, the application’s age limit of 18 years makes it critical for parents to watch their children’s activities while they use this application on their own. Aside from that, the app’s technological advances are there to assist them with their concerns about safety.

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