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If you’re planning spend hundreds or couple of thousand dollars on fitness equipment, it’s a very good idea to consider the following:

  • Features you’d like to see on a treadmill
  • The features you require for a treadmill
  • You can meet your desires and needs as you can in your financial budget.

The right treadmill for you is a matter of thorough research. The internet makes research significantly easier than in the past. There’s an abundance of information about treadmills online. The article “The Intelligent Shopper’s Guide to Treadmill Purchase Guide” is a further bit of information that I hope will help you find the ideal treadmill that will meet your requirements, desires and budget.

To be clear There isn’t a ideal treadmill that is suitable for every person. In fact, the purpose for this smart-shopper’s buying guide is to guide to the most important aspects to consider when purchasing the right treadmill.

Let’s begin… What features of treadmills should you check at when purchasing an exercise machine.

1. The Motor

Luckily, the majority of treadmill motors from top treadmill brands are excellent. The standard range of power can be found between 2.25 and up 3.5. There are higher and lower motors, but this is the standard range of treadmills for homes. 2.5 or 3.0 horsepower motors are adequate. I’m tall, so I like 3.0 horsepower engines.

Do you need to get a treadmill that isn’t motorized?

I would not. Non-motorized treadmills are cheaper however, paying a couple of hundred dollars more for a motor is well worth it.

2. Running Area

Running areas for treadmills range from 55 to 60 inches in length and are usually twenty inches in width. If you’re taller than six feet, you should consider the 60-inch long running space. In truth, I would not consider treadmills with running space smaller than 60 inches. I’m more than six feet tall.

Take a spin in a gym or at a retail shop to determine is the best length for you. If 55 inches is the ideal length it opens up other possibilities for buying treadmills.

3. Cushioning

The technology of treadmills is amazing and especially amazing when it comes to cushioning. There are treadmills that enable you to change the level of cushioning. It’s more expensive to get this feature, but it’s amazing.

At the end of the day , you need a treadmill that has some cushioning however, less than. I prefer to compare excessive cushioning like running along the beaches. The excessive cushioning will not mimic the experience of running on the pavement. However, if you’re dealing with joint problems or joint issues, cushioning could be the best way to proceed. There’s no universal treadmill that works for everyone. This is why we have this buying guide for treadmills.

4. Speed and Inline

What is your routine for running? Do you run sprints and the HIIT? Do you run at an regular speed? Maybe are you a walker? The speeds of treadmills typically range between 10-12 hours per hour. If you’re a fast runner you should look for an exercise machine that has maximum speeds that are 12 miles an hour or greater. If you’re walking, or jogger, then 10 is plenty.

The incline aspect is crucial. It is a good idea to tilt your treadmill slightly to offset the fact that running on treadmills is much easier than running on pavement. The reason is twofold:

There is no wind resistance but more important
The surface of the running track moves, so that you don’t need to need to exert as much energy since you don’t have to push forward.

I usually incline my treadmill 1.5 to 4 degrees. I’m not a fan of the steep incline of hiking, but should you be inclined, it might be a good idea to purchase an incline training device. An incline trainer can increase the incline to up to 20 or 40 percent. However, most treadmills will incline between 10 and 15 percent, which is enough for the majority of training routines.

5. Fan

Are you sweaty and hot while running? If so, consider a cooling fan. There are many treadmills that have cooling fans, which makes it easy to locate.

6. Folding Features

There are two types of treadmills that fold:

  1. The treadmills fold flat and are easy to fold.
  2. Folding treadmills with uprights.

A treadmill that folds flat is flat when folded which makes it easy to store under the mattress.

A treadmill that folds upright can be folded vertically to make it easy to store in closets.

Also, consider the location you’ll store your treadmill to know which type of treadmill you should purchase.

If you’re not planning to store it, you won’t require to fold it. But, you might need it later on, and it’s not a bad idea. But that a treadmill with a frame that folds durability might not be as durable as one that isn’t folding.

No matter if you purchase an adjustable treadmill or not, make sure your treadmill is equipped with wheels. Wheels are crucial to help move the treadmill around. The majority of treadmills come with wheels, however, I’d recommend double-checking.Click here fitnessmeetsfrosting

7. Maximum Weight Capacity

It’s difficult to determine if the frame of a treadmill is sturdy. One way to tell if a treadmill has a sturdy frame is to look at its weight capacity… the more weight capacity the higher, the better. The majority of treadmills have capacity limits that range from 250-300 pounds.fitnessmeetsfrosting This is why treadmills that have the maximum weight capacity at 350 pounds and greater are a popular choice.

I’m not suggesting you solely look at treadmills that have at least 350 pounds or more weight capacity, but it’s a consideration.

8. The Warranty

I like treadmills that come that come with a lifetime guarantee for both the frame and motor. Of course, they cost more. Lifetime warranties mean that this is a high-quality machine generally. However, there are some certain exceptions, but I’m sure of it.

9. Bells and Whistles

Because a lot of treadmills provide the same features Your treadmill purchase could be based on what bells and whistles you can get.

What are treadmill bells and whistles?

These are the additional features like magazines reading rack, graphic monitor, bottles for water (look to find larger bottles) IFit integration along with overall layout.

10. Free Shipping

Shipping costs can be costly. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the ideal treadmill without free shipping however it’s an option to consider because it can save you a few hundred dollars. If all else is the same when you compare two treadmills, you’ll pick the one which offers no-cost shipping directly to your residence.

If you reside within Alaska, Hawaii, or other locations outside of the USA Be sure to ask questions about the cost of shipping. Do not assume that “free shipping” offer is for you.

11. Price

The treadmill buying guide cannot be complete without a comment on the price.

The price of a treadmill can vary greatly, ranging between a few hundred dollars up to the $10,000 mark or higher. Make a plan before you begin to study. In general, $750-$2,500 will provide you with a good treadmill to use at home.

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