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Foodservice businesses in Singapore must adhere to a variety of safety and food regulations. Restaurants can find it confusing and overwhelming to understand each regulation and when they should recheck it. Many owners choose to hire a food safety consultant rather than trying to do this themselves. Restaurants and bars can get food safety consulting to help them meet their regulatory obligations.

These are the common elements that a food safety consultant can assist with:-

1. Certification and sustainability by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).
2. Analysis and development of food safety plans
3. Training for internal auditors
4. Assistance with regulatory enforcement
5. Food Safety Act Compliance

What are the Job Descriptions for Food Safety Consultants?

While specific requirements for food safety consultants vary from one state to the next, some elements can be found in all job descriptions of food safety consultants.

Education:- A bachelor’s degree is usually required in a related field such as food science, agribusiness, or the like. In certain situations, however, education can be more important than experience.

Experience:- Although the required experience may vary depending on the job, most jobs require at least two to five years. Experience with food safety procedures, documentation, checklists, and training staff is essential. Restaurants expect to have experience in creating HACCP plans and HACCP certification.

Skills:- As training and managing large teams are key parts of the job, employers expect consultants to be able to communicate clearly and effectively in writing and speech. As the job involves evaluating reports, multi-tasking is a must.

safety coordinator
safety coordinator

What is the annual salary of food safety consultants?

Although most food safety consulting jobs are salaried positions at a firm, there are also other types of compensation such as profit-sharing or bonuses. PayScale reports that the average salary of a food safety consultant ranges from just over $40,000 up to about $100,000.

Food safety consultants charge an average of $34.76 per hour. These rates are between $15 and $88 per hour at the low end, and both the high end and the low end. The website adds that the average bonus is $2,250 per year and there is approximately $3,500 in profit-sharing.

When it comes to compensation, there are two factors you should consider: experience and location. Consultants in New York City, for example, maybe paid more, but they may also need to have more experience than those working elsewhere.

What does an impressive food safety consultant resume look like?

It is important to emphasize education, experience, and qualifications. These are the essential elements of a great sample resume:-

Job objective:- What job is right for you?

Work experience:- Any recent position, particularly if they are relevant to the new job. Highlight your schedules, training, and promotions.

1. Oversaw a variety of technical and professional staff
2. Concentrated on technical issues of the Food Law enforcement team
3. As required, prepared and led research projects or assignments
4. Prepared schedules and notices, and managed the works to ensure compliance with applicable legislation and standards
5. Participated in the creation of training programs for students and technical officers

Summary of qualifications: The resume section for a food safety consultant will include a list of all the qualifications a candidate holds, such as:-

1. Deep understanding of the environmental health role and its effects on society
2. Vast knowledge of food processing, packaging, and other related topics
3. Familiarity and enforcement of the Food Law
4. Excellent interpersonal and written skills

Education:- This should include the college, graduation year, type, and area of study. Include any certification or professional classes that may be required.

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