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Pregnancy is one of the best feelings of being into motherhood. However, pregnant women need proper care and comfort. A good diet, healthy sleep, simple exercises make pregnancy trimesters easygoing.

The body does have multiple changes during pregnancy; even the hormonal imbalance, anxiety, and emotional behavior also get affected. What of comfort and sleep? Does it also impact pregnancy stages? The answer is, of course. Here in the blog, we will be taking on what is the best mattress for pregnant women.

How to Choose Mattress For Pregnant Women?

Picking the right mattress to ensure the maximum of comfort and healthy sleep is the biggest challenge. Let us help you with ways to get a good quality mattress especially worth for pregnancy.


Carrying a baby in the womb is not easy for 9 months, so if you don’t want to complicate the health of mother and child, get a good mattress. Assured it with super comfort efficiency to have a cozy sleep with no pressure on the womb.

Check for Sleeping Position:

Sleep in the most comfortable posture is never easy and even not allowed for pregnant females. Doctors do suggest for the left side sleep is safest for babies, especially in the second and third trimester. Getting the mattress that adds comfort and add no-pressure experience even ensures easy position change like on normal days.

Mattress Type:

Expecting mothers should care for their mattress needs with what kind of comfort they are looking for. However, body type, personal preference goes on hand with pregnancy needs. The market is all available with high quality to cheap quality mattresses under various brands. Generally, foam mattresses, latex mattresses, air beds, and hybrid mattresses are picked for pregnancy comfort and sleep. The contouring of mattress material extends the comfort and support that give the body complete rest.

Firmness Level and Quality of Mattress:

Check for the mattress you are buying for pregnant women must be good in quality and have worth firmness level. It won’t sag or damage with bodyweight; however, evenly distribute it. It should be durable in quality and allow no trouble to move in bed. Mattress must ensure perfect support to the spine, hips, shoulders, and neck, adding comfort and releasing body stiffness and muscular pain.

Good Edge Support:

Of course necessary. Get a high-quality mattress that offers strong edge support. Pregnant women need to walk and even frequently go to the washroom, so make sure the mattress helps better edge support. Investing in trustworthy brands with mattress materials like a hybrid, innerspring, coil, latex is always the first choice.

Temperature Regulation and Heat Balancing:

During pregnancy, the hormonal imbalance and sweating at night is major discomfort. Thus never invest in a mattress that overheats and traps the airflow, making sleep almost hot and anxious. Buy a natural latex mattress or hybrid gel-infused mattress to have temperature neutrality and reduction of heat retention.

Motion Isolation and Noise:

Pregnant women need to visit the washroom frequently. Even the issues of less sleep and discomfort in bed let women change positions, which can disturb the sleeping partner. So purchase a mattress that makes zero noise and even offers motion isolation to provide couples with cozy, comfortable, and uninterrupted sleep.

The Bottom Line:

Want highly comfortable bedding for pregnancy? Why not look for nearby Sleepwell Mattress Distributor in Noida, Delhi Gurugram, and other NCR places. Check for the latest mattress in latex, innerspring, memory foam, etc., from trustable brands like Sleepwell. On-store purchase for Mattress in Noida is worth it, just don’t miss Sleepwell Nexa and other latest mattresses within current updates and offers.

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