Nowadays, in the residential and commercial areas of Melbourne, the application of polished concrete is in much use. The installation process of the flooring includes the grinding and polishing of the concrete surface. 

Based on the deepness of grinding and the kind of polishing, the surface might expose the aggregates and the matte or glossy finishes. So, if you’re planning to add such flooring in your project, visit the stores of polished concrete in Melbourne, delivering the affordable and appealing options. 

There are different types of polished concrete finishes. The flooring that doesn’t show much aggregate is a simple design and is usually used in boutiques, the roof of the house, and commercial places. On the other hand, the floors which completely expose the aggregate are fancy and complex patterns and are ideal for residential applications. 

However, if floors according to your place and preferences are not perfect, they might look disorganized and incomplete. So, to ensure the perfect installation of the floorings, you need to take some considerations in mind. So, here, in this article, they are mentioned.

Points To Consider While Installing The Polished Concrete In Your Place

Select The Best Architect

The polished concrete floor has different designs and they must be selected in accordance with the style of your home, office, garages, etc. So, choosing an expert will help in giving the suggestions on the available colors and patterns by presenting the sample.

In addition, a professional one will help in enhancing the light reflections on the flooring. Considering this will definitely be a significant starting point.

Select The Right Contractors

If the contractors you choose lack the skills, it may lead to bad results in the installation of polished concrete floors. After a few months or years, there might arise the chances of dullness, cracks, or any damage that can make the flooring look unappealing. 

So, be careful to choose the technical and skilled contractors who can grind and polish the concrete overlay properly and perfectly. 

An Adequate Concrete Mixture

The elements for a concrete mixture consist of aggregates, cement, and water. The look of the polished concrete completely depends on the variety and size of the aggregates utilized. People can have a look at the sample pieces of a variety of designs before finalizing the one. 

The stability of the concrete floors depends on the quantity and the kind of cement. So, ensure the proper preparation of concrete mixture. A high amount of cement assures more promising results. A low water/cement proportion is also sufficient.

Proper Addition Of Colors

If you want to add an essential color, use the liquid ones. In addition, ensure the disintegrating bags are removed so that they do not decompose in the mixture. However, if the surface will be damaged, use the clean and plastic trowel blades to remove the stains. 

Moreover, for the setting of the colors, make sure to pour them from the front to the backside instead of side to side. It will put the marks in that which will reduce the influence of the shade variation in the different pours. 

Ensure The Concrete Fixes Properly

There are chances of cracks in the concrete surface because of many reasons. It could be due to changes in moisture content in a mixture. If the moistness reduces, the texture can shrink. 

So, make sure the concrete surface has the right amount of moisture so that there are no cracks on it. You can take the following precautions during the installation process:

  • Wet the surface and make sure to remove the excess water before setting the concrete.
  • In a hot climate, decrease the temperature of the freshly prepared concrete by utilizing cool aggregates and water. 
  • Build windbreaks to lessen wind velocity over the concrete surface.
  • Spray the aliphatic alcohols over the surface before and after polishing.
  • Allow the fixing of the concrete properly. 

Besides this, to prevent the cracks, utilize a secondary support like polypropylene fibers. Keep in mind that the wrong use of this material might damage the appearance of the polished concrete. 

Ensure A Proper Sealing Of the Concrete Surface

Applying the densifiers and sealers on the polished concrete flooring at different stages serves different purposes. Densification is the practice of applying a liquid silicate hardener to concrete to form a chemical reaction. This fills up all the pores and gaps in the surface through a procedure of crystalline transition. 

Additionally, the chemical reaction also toughens the surface and prevents dust accumulation. Furthermore, a sealant is applied after the application of the densifier. It highlights the looks of decorative polished concrete by increasing the shade and the shine. 

Besides this, sealants also shield the concrete surface from scrapes and stains. 


On the basis of the size of the designs and the floor, saw cuts may be needed. The purpose of this tool is to make control joints on the surface which will help to prevent cracking.

Generally, architects need the concrete surface to be saw cut in a 6 x 6 m pattern. Make sure to perform this process before grinding or polishing to prevent finish damages. 

Concrete Slab Shielding

All the architects must understand how the spills and heavy weight and traffic load can harshly impact the finishing of the polished concrete flooring. So, do not let the workers use the concrete slab as a stand or cutting space.

Performing such activities on the concrete could result in wear and tear on the surface which can leave visible stains or patches on the slab. So, be mindful of such things and avoid doing them. 

Summing Up

Polished concrete floors are the most profitable and reasonable flooring choice for many projects. It not only enhances the aesthetic value but also the durability of the floors. But it will be possible only by considering the points we have mentioned above. 

Make sure the concrete is well-prepared and cured before proceeding with the installation process as the durability of the flooring highly depends on its strength. Thus, with these considerations, you will be able to add the long-lasting floors to your place.

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