Drivers who attempt a left-hand turn are usually found at fault in an accident, if and when one occurs. So, it is imperative for drivers attempting a left turn to yield to oncoming traffic and wait until the situation is safe to turn. Nonetheless, it is possible for the oncoming driver to be at fault for causing an accident to the driver turning left.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a crash involving a left turning vehicle, it could be crucial to your rights to visit an experienced attorney. Look for a law office that offers free initial consultations to include a no-cost evaluation of the accident injury claim. 

Your attorney may be able to obtain compensation for your car accident, even if you were taking a left-hand turn. While it is important to hire an experienced auto accident attorney, you should have an understanding why it is so difficult to prove the other driver’s liability in left turn accidents.

Why Left Turn Crashes Are Often More Dangerous

There are a multitude of reasons why left turn accidents tend to be more dangerous than other types of accidents, even more dangerous than a taxi accident during rush hour. Left turn accidents will interrupt the flow of traffic, potentially causing hazards to other drivers. 

Oncoming drivers may attempt to race through the intersection to “beat the light,” causing left turning drivers to underestimate the amount of time they have to make it through the intersection. At times, drivers become impatient and choose to simply run the stop light. 

Vehicles taking a left-hand turn expose the broad side of the vehicle to oncoming traffic. An oncoming driver  traveling at a high rate of speed into the broad side of a vehicle is sure to cause severe injuries to drivers and passengers in the car.

Common Left Turn Accidents

While no two accidents are the same, there are very common reasons that drivers fall victim to left-turn uber accidents. The following are common scenarios when drivers should be careful of a left turn crash.

  • An oncoming driver traveling through a red light, hitting a vehicle attempting to make a left turn.
  • An oncoming driver speeding through a light turning from yellow to red, crashes into a vehicle attempting to turn left.
  • The driver of the vehicle was under the influence of alcohol or other drugs; or was unintentionally incapacitated while passing through an interection, causing an accident with a left turning vehicle.
  • The driver of either vehicles were distracted by situations like talking on the phone or with passengers, eating, texting, or adjusting the radio or GPS.
  • An animal darts out into the road, causing the driver to make an evasive maneuver, resulting in the crash. 
  • Bad weather and dangerous road conditions might contribute to a left turn crash.

Fault for a Left Turn Collision

Any knowledgeable lawyer will conduct an in-depth investigation before validating a claim.  The investigation may include:

  • Reviewing documentation concerning the crash like police reports, witness statements, insurance claims, and medical reports, as well as other documents.
  • Examining relevant evidence like photographs, vehicle damage, video footage, and debris from the scene of the accident.
  • Researching weather history and road conditions, which might have contributed to the accident.

It is important to understand that in accordance with comparative negligence laws, each driver involved in the accident can be held liable for their percentage of fault. 

Avoiding liability for a serious left turn accident might be difficult without the proper aid of an experienced legal professional, especially if you were involved in a drunk driving accident

When you choose a Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer who has extensive experience handling personal injury cases, they can help make the legal process easier. You can take care of your health while the legal professional works on your behalf.

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