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As you all know that today everyone is working very hard to get verified on their social media platforms. But it is not that easy, for this, we have to be patient along with hard work. With which we can get our social media accounts verified. So every social media platform has a different method and different process to verify the account. By which we are able to verify our social media platforms. Today I will tell you about youtube services like buy youtube subscribers in India at the lowest price that you can easily afford.

Thus now let’s talk about when the YouTube account is verified. Then I want to tell you that if you are a YouTube creator. And if you want to verify your account then you have come to the right place. Today we will tell you some important things about the YouTube Verify account. After knowing which you can easily send your YouTube account for verification.

For this, you have to read about the steps given below correctly. And follow only then you can send your youtube channel for verification:

Apply for channel verification

As you all know that every social media platform has a different method of account verification. So we can apply for your verified account on YouTube when you have 100,000 subscribers. But you will be of no use in sending verification applications to fewer customers.

You’ll need to choose whether you’re logged into your YouTube channel with your email address. For this, you have to click on your profile photo on the top right so that you know that you have to check your account.

Under the YouTube algorithm, YouTube will not verify any channel impersonating a creator or other brand. And those who have taken the form of someone else’s channel. YouTube does not verify all these accounts for the sake of verification. And YouTube can take action against all these channels.

About verified channels

If a YouTube channel is verified, then that channel is the official channel of an artist, company or public figure. Verified channels help us to identify the real channel among similar channels.

We must remember that verified channels get some special features on YouTube. YouTube Verified Accounts also do not represent rewards, milestones, or endorsements from YouTube. One more thing, if your YouTube channel is verified then it will remain there until you change the name of your YouTube channel. If you ever change the name of your YouTube channel in the future. Your verified badge will then be removed. And with the new name you have to re-apply your verification application.

If verified accounts violate YouTube’s guidelines and algorithms. Therefore YouTube reserves the right to cancel or terminate those verified channels.

Verified Channel Eligibility

First of all, I have told you above that to apply the Verified channel we should have 100,000 Subscribers on our youtube channel.

After you apply, we’ll review your channel. We verify channels that:


As we told you that to verify your youtube channel you have to represent your genuine creator, brand, or entity. We check your channel properly before verifying what YouTube claims. We may also ask for more information or documentation to help verify your identity.


YouTube channel must be public and every detail in the YouTube channel must be complete. It is also important to have a channel banner, description, profile picture, and content. And you have to be active on YouTube and YouTube can also verify channels with less than 100,000 subscribers in some cases.

How do we know if our account is verified or not?

As you all know that if you are a video creator on YouTube. And thinking of getting your channel verified. First of all, you have to read the above-given information properly so that we can get our channel verified properly. But if you want to know whether the YouTube channel is verified or not. So for that, you have to go to the setting of your own YouTube channel and after going to the setting, you will have to go to Status and Features. And then you will be able to see your account activity if your account is verified. So you will see a right badge made next to your account name, which is the logo of your YouTube channel Verified.


As we have told you today about Verifying YouTube Accounts. By which you become a YouTube creator in your future, then how do you have to create a verified account? You will come to know and this information is going to be very useful for you, so let’s talk now. Social Media Services Today we are giving you social media services. After taking which you will be able to grow your YouTube channel easily.

Our company’s Followerbar gives you all kinds of social media services. That’s why today we have brought you Buy Youtube Subscribers India for YouTube. With which you can easily increase the number of subscribers of your YouTube channel. And when you have 100,000 subscribers, you can also send your verified badge application. That’s why we should take YouTube Subscribers Buy India.

So if you are also interested in Buy YouTube Subscribers India from our company then you have come to the right place. You can book Buy YouTube Subscribers India by going online and contacting our team.

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