Friends, although everyone is trying to keep increasing the likes of their Facebook page, many people fail in this effort. There could be many reasons for this. In this article, you will know the reasons why your Facebook page likes are not increasing.

Do you know that the 24-34 age group is the most popular among Facebook users? According to the latest data, there are around 2.9 billion active users on Facebook every month. And 56% of the users are male. Earlier, people used Facebook to connect with people from all over the world. But for the last few years, people have also been growing their businesses through this.

So let us know which mistake you are making due to which your Facebook page likes are not growing. And you can also take the help of Followersindia to increase Facebook page likes.

Your content is not interesting

Any user likes any social media page only when he likes the content of that page. If your Facebook page likes are not increasing, you are not providing people with valuable or interesting content.

Whether your page is for business or for entertainment, you have to keep your content eye-catching. And if you do not understand how to create good content, then you should look at the posts of other pages related to your niche to see what kind of content they bahçelievler escort are creating. With this, you can also create content for your page.

You are not going with the trend

Keeping up with the trends is very important if you have a presence on any social media platform. This is the best way to increase the reach of your posts and, if you have a Facebook page, to get likes on it. Many people say that their Facebook page likes are not increasing, which is also the reason why they do not make their content on trending topics.

That’s why you have to keep researching on social media about what is going on in the trend because people query related to the same topic whether it is Facebook or any other cycle media platform. So whatever your niche is, you have to include that trend in your content.

Not publishing videos on your page

Many people know that video content reaches more people than images, and through video, you can share a lot of things with your audience. But there are many people who are not aware of this and post very few videos on their pages.

You have to understand that if you do one post every day, then you will have to post more than 3 videos in a week. And put the video in the format of reels. Because by putting a video on the reels, you can reach those people who have followed and liked your page.

Organize contests and giveaways

You must have seen that many new brands keep a contest or giveaway on their Facebook page. In this, he gives prizes or gifts to some lucky users or winners. Only those brands that benefit from this see their page likes increase.

Through his posts, he holds a contest so that people share his page or buy a product or service. because they know that the winner will get the prize. You will definitely find such posts on every Facebook business page these days. So, if your Facebook likes are not increasing, then you must also try this method.

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Your cover and profile photo are not optimized

Any Facebook page is identified by its cover and profile photo followed by its name. If both of your things are not optimized properly, then your chances of increasing the number of likes on your page will be lost. No one would like to like a page that does not have its cover and profile picture attached or is of poor quality.

Both your photos should be related to your niche and eye-catching, so people will want to visit your page after seeing them. So if the likes on your Facebook page have stopped increasing, then you can do this.

Let others know about your page

When you create a Facebook page, you get the option to send invites to all your Facebook friends to like the page. But if you do not have many Facebook friends, then your page will not get many likes.

For that, share the link to your page on other social media channels as well. Because it is not certain that all the people you talk to or know should be on the friends’ list on Facebook, That’s why you share the link to your page with those people who connect with you on other platforms. For example, you can send the link to your page to your WhatsApp contacts.

You haven’t joined any Facebook groups

If you have not joined the group on Facebook, then you are missing out on a great opportunity to increase your Facebook page likes. Because whoever creates a new page on Facebook definitely joins the groups related to his niche.

With this, you can encourage people to like your page by posting in those groups. And join groups where a lot of people post in Delhi, and more engagement comes from those posts.

Because the more people your post reaches, the more likes can increase on your page. But you only put interesting content in those groups; only then will people like your page.


If your Facebook page likes are not increasing, then you must try the methods we have told you in this article. But even if it does not happen, then you can also purchase Facebook page likes. 

If you buy Facebook likes through an app and those likes are not real. They are generated automatically or obtained through inactive accounts. Due to this, there will be no growth on your Facebook page. That’s why you should always buy Facebook likes India from trusted websites.

One of the best websites is FollowerIndia, where you can easily buy Facebook likes for a business page at a very low cost. You just need to click on the mentioned link and you will land on our webpage.

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