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Integration is an important operation of calculus. It is a process of assimilating different occurrences (variables).


If you are travelling from your house to your school in your car, we have two variables; speed (velocity) of the car and time taken to reach the destination. So its speed may vary, for some time you have to slow down your vehicle, some time you have speeded it up or there might come a time when you have to put a halt to it. If you were asked to tell at what speed (velocity) you have arrived at your school, you might not have an exact answer because the velocity kept changing with regard to time.


Integral of a function with respect to variable ‘x’ can be written as



f (x) = function of x

x = variable

∫ = integral symbol


There are two types of integration

  • Definite integration: It has start values and an end values e.g. ‘x’ and ‘y’. x and y can be also called boundaries, limits of a function. At the end, we get a definite answer.


  • Indefinite integration: It has no upper or lower limits, and by the end of the problem, we still get a variable in the answer.

Definite integration & indefinite integration can be more easy to solve. Just use a definite integration solver with steps and indefinite integral calculator with steps.



Inverse of Integration is Derivation. Derivation of any function (variable) is the ability to change with respect to its argument (surroundings). Derivation is a word taken from derived, which means ‘to obtain’. In Mathematics, it means ‘to acquire’ something from another sequence by performing a series of operations.


the derivative of ‘y’ w.r.t ‘x’ will be written as



we have and equation

f’(x )= 3+x

then, derivation of f’(x) will be

f’(x)=d/d(x) [3+x]

f’(x)=d/d(x) [3] + d/d(x) [x]

f’(x)= 0+1

As we know the derivative of a constant is ‘0’ and the derivative of x is ‘1’


f’(x)= 1

Related: As like integral, there are also tech-based tools are available for solving derivatives online like an online derivative calculator.


  • Integration helps the students to understand the problem deeply and minutely. By simply dividing the equation into smaller fragments, students can observe the minor details and by unravelling it, they can get an accurate answer.
  • Regardless of any particular domain, it is essential to show pupils that how different equations are forming so that they can understand the logic behind it and start reasoning with it. When students understand the reasons behind the problems, problem-solving skills are ultimately developed.


  • The integration uses in many different domains like Electrical Engineering. Integrations help the electrical engineers to determine the exact place of; for instance; two substations so that there may not be any significant power or line losses.
  • Integration also plays part in Architectural engineering, it helps architectures to build the right infrastructure with minimal errors.
  • Integration helps Space Flight engineers as well, by determining the different space body velocities and hurdles they might experience when they plan longer missions to outer space.
  • Derivatives also in physics too. It determines the efficacy of any vehicle by making a speed-time graph using derivatives.
  • Derivation also determines the probability of earthquakes and has various uses in Seismology.
  • Integration & derivation plays an important role in our everyday life. Students should be well aware of it uses as its uses can view in many other domains like
  • Medical Sciences
  • Statistics,
  • Research Analysis,
  • Graphics &
  • Chemistry


They increase efficiency and enhance the productivity of finding the end result. It also overcome the surplus time or delays in solving any equation and prevent the excessive use of resources. Moreover, They give us ease in accessing variable data, resulting in better yield and stout progression. Students should explore these concepts to become better spectators.

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