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Why do our houses get affected by pests? This is the most common question for all homeowners. As a house is a place where we spend most of our time and when it is surrounded by uninvited pests, they don’t seem good. Pest enters our property because our house is not clean and they are an open place for pests to come and visit. We must try to keep our homes clean to get rid of unwanted pests. Mostly the pest also brings infestation along with them. In this article, we will discuss why does our house get affected by pests in detail.

Pest & house

Pest comes to our home in search of food and shelter. When they enter our home, once they feel comfortable, it is easy for them to make a colony and extend their family. Sometimes we invite the pest to our home by keeping our home messy and unclean. Keeping our house unclean and keeping it cluttered is the best way to invite pests into our home. The sense of smell of pests is very fast, as they sense and reach out that place quickly.

It is important to keep the home more clutter-free and neat to get rid of the pest. Now let us discuss in detail why does our house get affected by pests.

Why does our house get affected by a pest?

Our houses are affected by pests first the main reason is that we invite them to our home by ourselves by keeping the house messy and disorderly. The more your house is messy the more ll be a chance of more pests inviting into your house. Pest love to sit in a messy area. When we do not clean the house, it becomes dusty and messy and become easy for pest to reach there.

In the kitchen when after cooking we do not clean the house, it becomes an open invitation for pests to reach out to that place and fulfill their needs.

Now let us see why do our houses affected by pests and what are ways to reduce this problem.

  • Messy kitchen
  • House age
  • Dusty home
  • Change of season and how they affect by pests
  • Change of atmosphere
  • Water storage
  • Access of shelter
  • Clutter

These are not the last but least through which pests enter our property. Now let us look at these points and how they affect our homes and damage our property.

Messy kitchen

A kitchen is a place through which pests of any type easily enter our kitchen. Tinny scraps and pieces of food and braves are enough for the pest to full fill their need. Try to clean the kitchen deeply after every meal. We often skip those parts and it becomes a welcoming place for the pest to come and enter there. Most pests enter the kitchen in search of food and as it is a place for them to fulfill their needs make sure to keep your kitchen clean and make a habit of deep cleaning in a week to get rid of the pests in your house.

Age House

The age of the house is very important. The older the house is the more the chance of pests to enter your house. as due to more time in the house the pests enter the house through the cracks and the spaces created due to the old age of the house. Always try to buy a new house. There is more chance of pests in the old house due to the cracks and spaces over there. Try to call for a pest control company twice a year or renovate the house to get rid of the pests.

Pest control Langley in Langley provides the best pest removal services in your area. They have all the latest tools and use the techniques to remove pests from your house.

Dusty House

Dusty house is another main reason for the pest in your house. We often clean the house and do not do the dusting. Pest-like spiders usually attack these are often like the dusty places to make their web. Use a dust absorber to get rid of the pest and live in a healthy environment.

Change of season and how they affected by pests

Different pests come to our home indifferent season. Frogs and roaches usually come in the rainy season. Pest like ants visits our home in the summer season for shelter. During the season change try to close all your doors and window. Keep your kids inside the house and keep an open eye on the pests. As sometimes these types of pests bite us and spread the infestation.

Water storage     

Sometimes during giving water to the plants there remain water over there. Water under the ducks and hidden places, Try do not to let the water leftover there in any place in your home. They are the open place for the pests to come and make their colonies and live for a long time and damage our house.

Access of shelter

Shelters in our house are the best place for the pest to live. These are the places where the pest can live for a long time, as we do not use that place in our regular life and miss from our houses. If you have such a place in your home, try to keep an open eye on it.

Clutter & how it is affected by pests

Messy areas are the most favorite place for the pest. Try to keep your home clitter fee so no pests will be there in your surroundings. A messy home means you are openly inviting pests in your house. Not only the house looks clean but there are more spaces in the house after clutter-free the house.

The best way to get rid of the pest is to keep your home clutter-free, try to vacuum on daily basis, and keep a clutter-free home. Pest control Burnaby has services for pest control in your home. They have the latest tools and techniques to keep the house pest-free and child-free. By availing of these services, you will feel free for at least one year.

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