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Quality analysis is vital for all industries, especially for the sectors in close contact with the public. Quality testing also improves the marketing standard of consumer goods and paves the way for the business’s growth. The testing varies with the industries to prove the efficacy of the end product. Food and health care industries undergo various testing processes to remain stable in the market. In specific sectors, en 1276 test defaults to confirm utility. The tests are essential to control microbial contamination in a particular environment, including various procedures.

Method of testing

The test methods are classified into two categories to prove the disinfectant nature of the testing products. Food and health care products are the most tested products associated with users’ health. The two categories of tests include

Suspension Testing: The test includes dilute suspension of Staphylococcus aureus to evaluate the activity of microbes in the food industry, domestic usage, industrial and educational sectors.

Surface Testing: The test does not need any mechanical action, and the test requires a non-porous surface for microbial activity. This particular testing also benefits most of the public utility industries.

Both the tests use a different medium, different microbes and the contact time also differs in each way. The en 1276 test reports remain a standard testing method to compare various products from various manufacturers to make them suitable for public usage. 

Specific regulations are applicable for the tests, and only qualified personalities can perform the tests to get actual results. It is necessary and most critical in every industry as quality is the expected factor by the users in every field. 

Significance of quality analysis 

Quality analysis is essential in any industry, especially in the food and health care industry, as it destroys the risk factors in the manufacturing process and assures its utility factors. It is also essential for ensuring the products free from physical, chemical, and microbial hazards. 

en 1276 test use the following agents to perform the tests under various conditions

  • Metals
  • E-coli bacteria
  • Salmonella
  • Cleaning agents
  • Additives
  • Preservatives 
  • Pesticides 

Food and health care industries follow the testing products to safeguard the life of the users as the microbial activity might result in health hazards. Hence, these industries need extra care in maintaining the quality of the end products. 

Advantages of quality analysis

Qualitative analysis ensures the existence of any business by confirming that the products and the services are suitable for utility. The process also improves the customers’ satisfaction, and it is the factor expected by any consumer. Quality also improves the reach of the product or service by the customers’ reviews. Besides business concerns, quality analysis is also essential for various other factors. The benefits of the test of en 1276 test include

  • Assures for the existence of the organization
  • It is crucial for reducing time and improving the quality of the product
  • Aims customer satisfaction
  • Possibility of extending the business by attracting new customers
  • Provides employment opportunities
  • Uses the technology for the testing process

Specific principles are applicable for the test process, and it varies with the industries. 

Factors include quality management.

Certain factors remain significant in the quality control process, and it plays a prominent role in managing the quality of the end process. Some of the critical aspects of quality management are as follows.

  • Determination of the employees in producing quality products
  • Effective quality improvement by using the advanced techniques
  • Consistency in the improvement process
  • Fulfil customer needs
  • Efficient control over the process

These five factors are essential in manufacturing quality products for regular use in the industrial view. The method of en 1276 test focuses on this concept and assures the quality of the food and health care products to the public. 

The necessity of testing

It is necessary to test various products for antibacterial and antiviral activities. It remains effective on products as follows.

Textiles: Textile is the most common utility product, and it has a wide range of applications. Face masks, bedding material, apparel, threads, medical drapes, leather goods, and so many other utility products come under this category. The test results will make it suitable for usage.

Plastics: Plastics is in massive use in more areas, and it also undergoes a testing process to ensure its quality and durability. Examples of plastics that undergo testing include phone covers, papers used to pack food, and other consumer products.

Coatings: Coating materials undergo microbial tests to prove their activities when they contact the microbial organisms. Paints and other construction items come under this category. 

Surface Disinfectants: All sanitary products come under this category, and they come into the market after completing the quality analysis process.

The need for testing

When a company produces a public utility product, it must prove its uniqueness by undergoing various tests processes. Several service providers are available to assist the industries in subjecting their products to antimicrobial efficacy tests. The test results and the reports are the official approval of the product, and it assures its sale in the market. Performing an en 1276 test on the products is the necessary process to prove the excellence of the products. 

Suitable for industrial growth

The upcoming businesses need to perform quality tests to prove how they differ from the other manufacturers of the same products. The firms must demonstrate their quality compared to the different commodities available to withstand the business. Hence, it is recommendable for the newly started consumer goods firms to approach custom testing to make them visible in the market. 

Importance of testing in the food industry

The food industry has a close relationship with the public and their health. The food industry uses grade-1 plastic containers are in the foil papers. The heat of the food, when it comes in contact with the plastic material, it starts to react with it leaving behind the chemical residue. Hence, it is crucial to test the plastic and the foil papers to make sure for packing the foodstuff. The available food packing materials are in use after completing the testing process. It is the nature and responsibility of the quality control team to provide the exact test results of the tested products. 

Laboratory tests

Laboratory tests are an official process, and it has specific terms and conditions to apply in their testing process. These lab reports are the actual results of the products manufactured by any company. A product sample helps the testing process, and the information remains applicable for that particular batch of manufactured goods. It is a cyclic process, and each production set must obtain quality test results to prove their quality. 

The sample products react with the culture medium to prove their antimicrobial activity by neutralization. It is a simple test, and it takes 4-5 days to get the actual result. 


Consumers are the backbone of any business, and hence customer satisfaction is the goal of the traders. The trading firms concentrate on marketing their products by the test reports, and it is the essential report that makes the products suitable for usage. Whether it could be a consumable producer, medicine, or and utility commodity, the product needs to undergo authorized testing to sustain in the market. Each product in the market is out to sell after completing various tests under quality control measures. Hence, it is recommendable for the industries to carry out the testing process in the legal norms.

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