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Japan is one of the most developed countries that exist today. This development can be witnessed in the country’s great infrastructures, clean environments, low mortality rate, etc. Another field in which this development is conspicuous is the education sector. Over the years the Japanese government has taken up several initiatives to secure a well-educated population. Attracted by the country’s many positive factors, foreign schools and institutions also have shown considerable interest in opening their campuses in the country.

As a result, a lot of different curricula exist today in Japan. Students can choose from these curricula with regard to the one that suits them best and that provides the subjects of their interest. One of the many curriculums that can be found inside the classrooms in Japan is the prestigious CLSP curriculum.

About CLSP curriculum

CLSP or the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme is a special curriculum devised by the prestigious University of Cambridge for lower secondary students. This programme is made for students belonging to the age group 11-14 and entails numerous activities that are targeted towards academic growth. 

CLSP is a prestigious academic course that is available in only a few, selected institutions across the globe. This programme, being one of its kind, has certain necessities and infrastructural requirements that all schools can not match. Hence, only the schools with the best equipment and the best-supporting staff can provide this curriculum. 

Japan has a fairly large number of educational institutes. However, only a small proportion of these schools offer the CLSP curriculum to their students. Some international Junior High schools along with a few other native schools provide this course for their students. Hence this course can be described as exclusive and limited. 

What makes the CLSP curriculum one of its kind?

As mentioned above, the CLSP curriculum is a special curriculum that focuses on excellence in all areas rather than just academic success. The conventional ways of focusing on textbook materials inside the classroom are long gone and obsolete. In the craft of modern education, the teachers must focus on achieving an all-around development rather than securing expertise in just one area. 

To ensure unconventional results, the programme uses non-traditional methods of education that have been carefully devised to provide holistic success in student development. These non-traditional methods are carefully written down in the educational framework which proves necessary for the smooth sailing of a junior high school

CLSP also promotes healthy usage of tests and quizzes, spread across the academic year for regular checkups of a student’s understanding of the concepts. With the help of these tests, the teachers can keep the progress of their classrooms in check. In case there is a need, a weakness of a student in a particular topic or subject, the teachers can clear away the student’s doubts before furthering the course in their classrooms. This proves to be beneficial since it is harder to understand the final chapters of any subject if the foundation of that student, in that subject, isn’t strong. 

Best Junior High schools in Japan that offer the CLSP curriculum?

As we discussed, the CLSP curriculum is an exclusive curriculum that is not offered by all the schools. Only the schools that meet certain requirements can provide this curriculum for their students. Out of these requirements, one of the most important ones is that the school should have a Next-Gen Campus.

Developments in Science and technology have left people in awe. The pace at which the modern world works can sometimes be overwhelming when looked at at a certain scale. Hence, familiarising the students with modern gadgets and showing them how to make proper use of such equipment is a necessary part of their training for the future. 

A team of expert teachers

Not only this, what CLSP also needs is a team of teachers that can take their work to the limit. Only a team of dedicated and experienced professionals with utmost care for their students can handle such an extensive curriculum where there are multiple regions of development to focus on, instead of just one, 

Hence, only a handful of schools in Japan can support this curriculum.

Some of these schools are prestigious international Junior high schools that have made their name for their flying results that promise overall development in the name of true modern education.

Additional benefits of an International School 

Opting for International schools generally has additional benefits. One of these benefits is the flexibility of courses. Since international schools have multiple branches all over the world, a lot of times they offer foreign curriculums to their students. This provides even more freedom to students and parents to choose the subjects of their liking and to pursue their career in a field of their own choice.


Hence CLSP certainly has its benefits. Some further benefits include the fact that students who have cleared CLSP can apply for higher education courses offered by the world-renowned University of Cambridge. Cambridge School is known worldwide for its excellent results, teachers, students, and a lot more. 

In a way, one can say that Cambridge is one of the most prestigious, in-demand educational institutes in the world. To study under CLSP, in a way, is the same as attending a Cambridge school. The reason why it is similar lies in the fact that in reality, it was the Cambridge staff and faculty that came up with this curriculum. So, one can say that Japan doesn’t have a Cambridge campus but it certainly has its Cambridge in the form of Junior High Schools.

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