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Not only in lessons, but also in history, politics, art or sowi you cannot avoid writing an essay. We explain to you what is important and how to write a really good essay. *

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Writing an essay: The basis of lessons

Opinions are already divided in elementary school: there are those who can write for pages about what they did on the weekend. And there are others who can’t even get started and don’t really know what to put on paper. Writing an essay is not for everyone or every woman. Nevertheless, essays are important for German lessons .

Because even if you are not the born storyteller, creative writing will teach you skills that you need not only for your Abitur : poetry analyzes , interpreting short stories or writing an essay – you will encounter writing texts during your School time in many forms. Or to put it another way: You can’t avoid it anyway. Even if these more analytical texts seem less free and not at all creative to you: Associative writing is also important here. And that’s exactly what you learn when you write an essay. Here you can find out what makes a good essay and which tips are guaranteed to succeed.

Regardless of the genre and target group, a conclusion must always be logical. The end of a story is always the only logical consequence of the previous plot. All threads come together in the end. Suddenly everything makes sense. It all boils down to a statement.

So do an inventory. Which characters have you introduced so far?

Do you want to achieve?

Does your main character want?

What further options for action result from this? And: What do you want to say anyway?

Surprise! The best comes last

If you are clear about the three points, buy assignments online the last golden rule comes into play: Give the reader what he or she expects. But give it to him differently than he expected. We all love surprising endings. For example, because we realize that we have been properly duped. Or a mystical plot is resolved in an unexpectedly clever way. All your craft and all your creativity are required here. If the ending is not convincing, the whole story falls.

The most compelling endings even go a step further. They give the previous story a deeper meaning and convey a message that points beyond the actual plot. It is often said: the message is out. In practice, however, the opposite is proven time and again. It is not the message that scares off, but the way in which it is conveyed. In my opinion, a very successful example of a surprising ending with deeper insight is the film Contact with Jodie Foster .

Storytelling – you did it

Those who can write a good ending give their story radiance. The end is the booster for your story. Your readers are so excited about your story that they will tell everyone about it. Because they want to share their experience.

This point is like winning the lottery. There is no magic formula. So trust your instincts, your writing skills and the necessary ounce of luck.

Anyone who has anything to do with marketing these days cannot avoid this term: storytelling. Everyone is talking about it and everyone wants it. But whoever thinks that this is the end of it, is right on the wrong track.

Storytelling: it is not the method that is decisive, but the effect

While we writers focus on really well-told stories, what counts in marketing is the commercial success of a campaign.

The latter is not insignificant, especially in times of limited advertising budgets, Professional Resume Writers tight budgets and profit maximization. Because it makes a huge difference whether I have to place expensive poster advertising or whether a campaign spreads by itself and without further assistance. This is exactly what the term storytelling aims at.

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