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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

The 14th-Episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update would be Christmas Day. You can read the complete Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update here.

This was brought to you by ThankHimSheHs: A New Hindi Comedy Web Series in English (English) , Written, Directed by Yasir Ali & Ghulam Mustafa.

MADE TRISKIN NEW Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Sirat faces a big trouble in his life as he enters the hallowed halls of Tej’s University. He has to face his shame.

Sirat asks Tej to welcome the guests in the hall when they enter he realizes there is a buzz about him. He understands that no one has accepted him, Tej tells him not to worry. But Sirat, who is not expecting anything positive from a place of lies, sees an opportunity. He tells him a magic trick. Tej accepts his feat and the conversation between them begins.

He goes on the said stage not knowing it would be his farewell. When he sings his first song, Simmer Hushan, we all know Sirat would have nothing to say. Afterward Sirat performs a physical transformation. He goes to sing a ballad which actually is standing in front of the audience, but a little just thinks he is singing something funny so we all start laughing.

It is shared that the authenticity of the scene is that the audience left the hall laughing. “Tej is not performing anything special, for Sirat singing Simmer Hushan is too difficult for him.


Post Manoj and Rohan, Yasir and Shweta are focusing on improvement of their characters. Tej is in constant fear that Karan could come back to erase him from Tufani history. Tej fears that time will fly.

But Karan’s grandfather Godlada forgets a small miracle happens. Manoj tells Tej that he is Karan’s grandfather so Tej’s upcoming meeting with his grandfather will be how Manoj surprised Tej. Sirat gets seen by Tufani, who asks how is Tej. This reveals that Manoj used Manoj’s grandfather to escape from Karan and Tej. But Tej grows suspicious of the details of the drama and decides to tell Tej why Tej asked him to come back home. If Tej was the only man Karan was mad at, then he could have easily left without Karan coming back.


VASTHANI and Suru are struggling in their ways of life. On this occasion, each of them is trying to prove his or her capability by doing things which are negative. One of the men who work at Tej’s store was asked to take great decision. The clothing store owner, Mohammad Sareed asked the staff to collect the clothes and hand them to Tej.

But the staff handled them badly. Although Tiwari takes care of the store, Tej says, “Why me? I will have it cleaned. But why do I have to have people clean the clothes? This money is so much lower.” One of the agent Tej talks about, Asaf asks him to be helpful to his friend.

In a panic, he goes and helps Tej and Vashmi while they are at their shop. Later, Manj helps Vashmi with Tej’s clothes. As he is helped by Manj, Tej feels proud of his brother. Tej then visits Karan and finds Karan in an easy position. He is insulted and thinks, “Then say enough with my uncle.” Tej stands. Manoj and his wife don’t seem to understand Tej’s nervousness in finding Karan. As a matter of fact, in my film “Jahan Batti” Shehnaaz also came back home and attempted to change his friend’s mind.


In the end, Sana keeps on complaining because of Tej’s laziness. As a matter of fact Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update, Tej’s laziness is due to his lifestyle in Sehzar, those who are being a part of him are finding it difficult to compete with Tej’s life. But Sana really appreciates Tej’s hardwork and doesn’t have the patience to wait. On this occasion, Sultan and Ismael had the same issue with

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