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You must be aware that yoga and Pranayama are very beneficial for the body. With their regular practice, the treatment of many diseases also becomes possible. If we talk about the present, then deadly disease like cancer has also become common nowadays. Cancer is a disease of tissues, cells, and blood. Most people believe that the cure of cancer is not possible, but due to modern techniques, its treatment has become possible now.

But cancer treatment is not so easy. In this, the patient is also very upset and in addition to this, a lot of costs are also incurred in its treatment. That is why it is important to take precautions for this on time and practice some yoga.

By making a little change in the diet and adopting yoga in your lifestyle, you can avoid a deadly disease like cancer. And those whose cancer is at a very early stage can also treat it.

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What is cancer?

  • Cells grow in a controlled manner according to the need of the human body.
  • But when these cells grow uncontrollably on their own as well as a divide on their own, then it is a stage of cancer.
  • Cancer cells are different in size from normal cells.
  • It also does not work properly, as well as it has a tendency to spread to different parts of the body.

Elimination of cancer by yoga:

  • If any type of cancer is detected at an early stage of cancer, then the patient should practice Anulom-Vilom three to four times a day.
  • Apart from this, there is other Yoga for Cancer patients, by doing which you can stay away from the risk of cancer.


  • You can do Kapalbhati regularly, along with doing it, liver and kidney remain healthy along with cancer.
  • By doing this yoga, the mind remains good and the blood circulation in the body is also good.
  • To do this yoga, you must first do this yoga in the presence of a skilled instructor.
  • After practice, you can increase its time according to your ability.

Bhastrika Pranayama:

  • This pranayama is also very beneficial for diseases like cancer. By doing this regularly, obesity also starts reducing.
  • Obesity can also lead to many terrible diseases. Along with this, this pranayama also helps in removing problems related to breathing.
  • You can also do this pranayama to give heat to the body. You should also do this pranayama in the beginning in the presence of a skilled instructor.
  • By doing this pranayama, appetite also increases and your stomach also remains right.

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama:

  • You can also do this pranayama to prevent cancer. By doing this pranayama, the mind remains calm.
  • Apart from this, if you do this pranayama regularly, then it also makes it easier for you to concentrate.
  • It is also helpful in removing your stress, due to stress also many diseases occur.

Bandhakon posture:

  • You can also do Bandhakon posture, it is also very beneficial for cancer patients. This asana is done sitting down.
  • It is also easy to do. By doing this asana, cancer is removed and it is also beneficial for asthma patients.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned yoga asanas, there are many yoga poses which you can do and stay healthy. But if you are a cancer patient, then definitely consult your doctor before doing the above asanas because according to your ability and according to the condition of cancer, he can give you counseling which will be beneficial for you.

According to research, yoga is beneficial in cancer:

  • This research has been done by the American Society of Clinical Oncology.
  • Its lead researcher Karen Mustian says that we did not have good ways to deal with fatigue in cancer patients.
  • Due to this, some patients use drugs to sleep, but these drugs also have side effects.
  • But cancer patients who practice yoga get good sleep at night. Along with this, energy is also transmitted in the body by doing yoga.
  • This research has been done on more than 400 cancer patients and in this research, the patients were divided into two groups.
  • One group was given yoga twice a week for a month. The result of the research was that patients who did yoga cut down on sleep medications.
  • Yoga also reduced his fatigue in half, life was also improved. Their nightly sleep quality improved by 22 percent.
  • This overall improvement was twice that of patients who did not do yoga. But Karen Mustian also said that this result does not apply to all forms of yoga.

Note – Yoga can give you benefits, you just have to practice it regularly, as well as pay attention to your diet, because along with yoga, diet is also very important. Through this, you can do yoga well and be free from diseases. By doing a good diet and yoga, your body remains fit well as you are free from stress and the patient’s body also improves.

Incorporate yoga in your daily life because cancer can be removed from it, as well as many other diseases are also easily away from it and if you do yoga regularly then it will keep you away from diseases even in your old age survives.

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