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In today’s fast-driven, tech-savvy world, software like QuickBooks is considered a boon to humankind. If people can obtain all of their real- time business information at the touch of a button, they undoubtedly will take its full advantage. But with all the advantages that QuickBooks avails to its customers, there are several obscure glitches that the customers keep facing and one of them is- QuickBooks Error PS107. The QB Error PS107 is frequently expected when the user tries to download Payroll Updates of the company or opens the Company File. Like all the errors, this one can also be settled by following some steps and this blog is an attempt to provide you with the best possible solution regarding the same. So, continue reading for more insights.

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When the user tries downloading the payroll updates or while opening the company file this error usually flashes on the screen indicating- “An internal file in QuickBooks has become unreadable (PS107)”. The sole reason for the occurrence of the error is the corruption in QuickBooks program installation files. There may be many reasons for the occurrence of file corruption, such as –

1. If an out-of-date QuickBooks Desktop application is in use, and the automatic update download function is broken.
2. If the payroll tax updates are expired, payroll updates might not function. Hence, the occurrence of Error PS107 is possible.
3. If the QuickBooks Desktop Installation is incomplete.
4. Inactive QuickBooks payroll subscription is also one of the many causes of Error PS107.
5. As QuickBooks Payroll always checks the membership lapse date by interfacing with intuit, you have to refresh the charging data to get the legal QB payroll.
6. Sometimes Intuit might face server issues.
7. Intuit removes the old forms of finance as they are releasing a new one making it mandatory for a QuickBooks user to update QuickBooks software. For example, you can not make or print finance in QB 2010 subsetted form.
8. There are times when QuickBooks Desktop provides an unsafe message when you associate it with Intuit.
9. QuickBooks Desktop Error PS107 can be caused because of some malware or antivirus program running in the background. As these programs are built by third parties they are not accurate to determine the files which are important to QuickBooks and might delete them.

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This space will be providing you few efficient methods to resolve the QuickBooks Error PS107 but before starting the process of trouble-shooting you need to ensure one important thing that all QuickBooks windows are closed. Also, terminate all QuickBooks processes from the taskbar. Because sometimes this error occurs from the disruptions in QuickBooks’s background activities, restarting the application can sometimes result in fixing the problem. If you’re still addressing the same problem then proceed with the following methods-:

Method 1: Installing the latest version of QuickBooks

This method requires two vital steps

Step 1- Close all the running QuickBooks software and processes

1. First, go to the Task Manager.
2. Click the ‘process tab’.
3. Now, select all the applications starting with QuickBooks, QB, or Intuit.
4. And to close all the QB applications click on the end task/end process.

After closing all the QB applications using task manager, you need to open it again and update it to the latest version, which is step 2.

Step 2- Update to the latest version

1. Go to the ‘help menu’ and update QuickBooks.
2. Click on ‘options’ then ‘mark all’ and ‘save’ and then ‘click update’.
3. Now, click ‘reset update’ and ‘get update’.
4. Once the QB gets updated a message appears on the screen. In the end, close all the running applications and reboot the system.

Method 2: Close and reopen QuickBooks

Method 3: Download the latest payroll tax table on the QuickBooks desktop

Your QB desktop payroll subscription needs to be active while updating your tax table. It is also recommended that users should update their tax table every time after paying their employees.

To proceed with this method, you need to-

1. First select ‘employees’, then select ‘get payroll update’.
2. After that, click on the ‘download entire update’.
3. In the end, select ‘download the latest update’.

You can go through this short guide to fix QuickBooks Payroll, Not Working.

Method 4: If the QB Error PS107 still flashes on the screen, you’ll need to uninstall QuickBooks and perform a fresh install in Selective Startup

Before performing this method just make sure that you have your QuickBooks Company File fully backed up and also keep a copy of license info and QuickBooks Desktop.

1. From your keyboard, open the Run command window by pressing “Windows + R”.
2. Type msconfig and then select OK.
3. Now from the General tab, select Selective Startup.
4. You can now Load System Services.
5. See the Services tab, click on it and then select “Hide all Microsoft Services”.
6. Now, Select “Disable all”.
7. From the displayed checkboxes, uncheck the “Hide all Microsoft Services” checkbox.
8. Make sure to select the “Windows Installer” checkbox from the list of services displayed.
9. If it is not then select the Checkbox and click on OK.
10. From the “System Configuration Window” select to Restart.
11. You have to clean install QuickBooks Desktop once the system re-opens.
12. Again press the “Windows + R” button and open the Run command.
13. Type msconfig in the search bar area and then click on OK.
14. From the General tab select “Normal startup”.
15. Then select OK.
16. You have to now again Restart to see the effects.


The purpose of this blog was to provide you with a general understanding of QuickBooks Error PS107 and we hope that this blog has answered all of your questions. QB errors can sometimes be quite difficult to tackle by the users, even after gathering all the pieces of information needed. It becomes really difficult when you are on the verge of losing your important data (example: company file) and the methods are not working. In that case, we would suggest you, kindly contact our Payroll customer Services Team by dialing this number +1-(855)-948-3646 for the most efficient solutions.

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