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Instagram is a dynamic platform. What once started as a photo-sharing platform has now become the main hub for brand growth and improved reach, unlocking more growth possibilities. 

If you are a Webflow website owner, we have brought just the perfect opportunity for you. Now you can leverage your Instagram posts to your Webflow website and expand the contents’ reach.

How? With the help of an Instagram feed widget, all this can be seamless for you. 

Wondering what an Instagram feed widget is? Here is a guide for you.

What Is An Instagram Feed Widget?

Instagram feed is a collection of Instagram content that you can embed to your website and present your Instagram content to your website audience. 

The idea is to highlight your preferred Instagram content on your website so that you can increase its visibility and engage more users with it.

Embedding an Instagram feed to your website can bring in several marketing benefits for you as a brand. Keep reading to find out!

Why Embed Instagram Feed To Webflow?

Improve Website Dwell Time

When you embed Instagram feed to your website, you offer something unique to your website visitors. It encourages them to stay longer on your website to engage with the content you have to offer. 

Many Instagram feed embedding tools offer real-time updates. Each time there is a new Instagram post, it automatically appears on your Webflow website, offering something unique to your website visitors each time they visit.

Grow Sales & Social Proof

When you embed Instagram content to your website, you automatically increase its visibility as to when people come across the Instagram feed on your website, they engage with it. It calls for a great opportunity for brands who often organize hashtag campaigns and want more people to join in.

You can fetch all the content generated from the hashtag campaign and embed it to your website so that more people get to know about your hashtag campaign. It will instill social proof in your website visitors, encouraging them to create content for you. It would expand the reach of your hashtag campaign and increase the visibility of your brand.

Better Reach For Your Branded Content

When you embed Instagram feed to your Wedflow website, you get to expand the reach of your branded content. More people get to know about your social media presence, and you get to highlight the content you want to publicize. 

Improve Social Media Following

When your website visitors come across your Instagram presence, they would not only engage with the content on the website, but if they like the content, they would visit your Instagram account to explore more and follow you to keep receiving the updates. 

Not just that, if they relate to the content, they would share it with their friends and family members, helping you boost your social media following like never before.

Tools To Embed Instagram Feed To Webflow

Here are some tools for you that you can use to easily embed Instagram feeds on Webflow website.

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is a social media aggregator tool that allows users to fetch their preferred social media content from over 15+ social media platforms. You can simply choose Instagram from the options and choose the method (hashtag, handle, mention, tags, stories, etc.) via which you want to fetch your Instagram feed.

Once all your content comes on your Taggbox Widget dashboard, you can moderate the content to filter out the irrelevant posts you don’t want your website visitors to see. Once done, you can customize your Instagram Widget with many colors, fonts, layouts, and themes available. 

Finally, you can generate an embed code that is compatible with your Webflow website and paste it on the backend of your webpage where you wish to display your Instagram feed. That’s it! That’s all it takes!


Tagembed is a social media widget tool that offers seamless social feed embedding options to the users. You can to easily collect, curate, and embed Instagram feed to your Webflow website. 

The best part is that Tagembed lets you easily generate the embedding code unique to your Webflow platform. Tagembed is a free forever platform. 

But if you want to unlock more of its features like real-time content updates and detailed analytics to track the performance of the Instagram Widget on your Websflow website, you can always go for their paid plan.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

We finally reach the end of this brief guide upon how you can leverage your Instagram feed to your Webflow website. We just introduced you to some tools that can make it easy for you. We also shared some amazing benefits of embedding your Instagram feed to your Webflow website. 

So, what are you waiting for? Collect all your amazing Instagram content and get ready to leverage it to your Webflow website as an Instagram Widget to enjoy the benefits they bring in.

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