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The floor standing vanity units are the type of storage units that directly sits on the floor. These don’t have distinguishable paws like freestanding units. Therefore, comparatively, these have more space available that goes to the floor, leaving no gap or distance in between. You are already aware that storage is an essential need of every bathroom. Without these, your bathroom will look cluttered and unorganized. While these are essential needs, you will need to choose from various types that include floor-standing styles as well. Each style and design of the storage unit has its own pros and cons. Therefore, to make the most out of their installation, you should choose them according to your specific requirements. 

In this article, we discuss the major benefits of these vanity units. 

What are The Floor Standing Vanity Units?                

We have already provided you with some information about floor standing vanity units. We have different types of bathrooms in terms of space, size, layout, and design requirements. So, we cannot install the same type of storage unit everywhere because it will not complement your space completely. For example, if you have limited space available, then a floor standing will not be a suitable option. Rather you better go for a wall-hung-style unit. That’s why there are various designs and shapes were manufactured. So, everyone gets their desired look and practicality. 

.Where To Prefer Floor Standing Vanity Units

These storage furniture units are more suitable for specific scenarios, as discussed here.

    1. Appearance. These vanity units have a solid appearance in comparison to other storage furniture. You will enjoy more design in their shapes. For example, it can curve, bumps in and out, etc. All of the designs in shape are not found in another style of vanity units. So, if you are looking for something ornate, then these are certainly a better choice for you. 
    2. More Storage Capacity.  Why do you need a storage unit that’s simple for bathroom essentials? But not all vanity units provide ample storage for all your needs. For example, a wall-hung style is compact and therefore has less capacity for storage. On the other hand, a floor-standing is a great option as it is bigger with a lot of space inside. Therefore, if you are looking for more storage capacity, then it is a suitable choice for you.
  • Installation. The installation of floor standing vanities is relatively easier and faster in comparison to other styles. For example, a wall-hung unit is complex and difficult to install. It will require the breaking of the wall, which may not be possible for many people. In addition to that in case, your wall is not sturdy enough, even then, it will not be a suitable option for you. So, if you want to avoid such problems, then it is a suitable option for you. 

Advantages Of Floor Standing Vanity Units                      

You can expect the following advantages from the floor standing vanity units.

1-Similar Look to Household. One good thing about this type of vanity unit is that it looks pretty much similar to ordinary household furniture. So, you will not come across a completely unique appearance. However, you cannot install them interchangeably because of the difference in material.

2- Suitable for All Bathroom Types. Another significant thing about this type of furniture unit is its suitability for all bathroom types. Whether you have a contemporary bathroom or a traditional one, these will be suitable for all these layouts. But you may pick a specific style over another. For example, if you want a traditional or contemporary feel in the bathroom, a more detailed design may be a better option. On the other, a simple design will be suitable for a contemporary look. 

3-Easier and Less Cost of Installation. There is huge flexibility in the way to keep such units where ever you want. Unless you need to connect the plumbing for a worktop sink, it is easy installation and doesn’t cost much. Even in many cases, you can do it yourself. Installing a wall-hung vanity will cost significantly more in terms of installation costs. Hire an experienced plumber to do all the work. 

4-Overall Costs. The overall cost of unit and installation for the floor standing vanity is very reasonable compared to other style vanity units. Despite being bigger, the overall cost is less compared to the wall-hung units. We have already discussed the installation costs overhead. Which incredibly increases your overall cost of having a wall-hung style. So, if you have some restrictions on the budget, then a freestanding one is a better choice. 

Are You Looking for Floor Standing Vanity Units? 

In this article, you have read detailed information about floor standing vanity units. These can be a great option for your bathroom if you are looking for enough storage capacity. At Turin Bathrooms‘ online store in the UK, you can find many fixtures at reasonable prices. Good Day!

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