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A man is not a simple beast as many suggest they are. But rather man is also a complex and sophisticated being just as women. They are raised with the idea that they cannot be sophisticated in their ways, demeanor and clothing, thus they act as such. 

But even so it must not be as it is because men must also be liberated from biased attribution. Starting from the way they dress, here are some essential clothes that men must have in their closet for various lifestyles and different activities. 

Casual Attire

For anything that requires you to go outside either for the sake of doing groceries. Taking out the trash or just simply going to the park. You need casual attire in your wardrobe, not just any casual attire it must also be versatile. You cannot just have tank-tops for all of your casual events. You have to have a versatility of dry-fits, V-necks, and of course with various colours and styles. Casual attires are great for lazy strolls and just everyday walks. 

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You must have a sleepwear apparel, cannot just have your casual clothes used for sleeping, that is not how it should go plus the clothes will deteriorate fast if you use if for sleeping. You must have your sleep clothes. It should be comfortable and light and also it must be of great quality as well. You must have mens cotton pyjamas for your sleepwear for quality sleep and of course you’d still look fashionable and handsome even as you are sleeping. It was said that quality sleep apparel also correlated to quality sleep among young people. 

Formal Attire

Every once in a while, in your life as a man you will be confronted with the occasional invitations to weddings, gala events, parties or balls. And what usually happens is that you want to go but do not have the right outfit for the event. Because you did not prepare for it or you do not own pair of well-tailored suit and pants. Thus, you must be ready for such events and have those ready for any invitation that you will get. Formal attire also comes in handy when you have to present yourself neatly in front of family of special people in your life. 

Lots of Jeans

You have to own jeans and denims. For what reasons? No specific reason, you just have to have various types and styles for such. Because it is the go-to clothing for any event and any occasion. The reason why you must have various styles is that you never have to wear one at the same occasion, that’s the rule. And besides, jeans and denims are great clothing investments because they almost never wear out and, in most instances. You will have outgrown them and buy new ones. 

The clothes that we have in our closet is the reflection of our lifestyle. If we want a life that is filled with variety and adventures then our closet and clothes must be the first thing to reflect that.

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