Do you have any aches and pains? You are not alone. Most people will experience some type of constant pain at least once in their life. The good news is that there is help! Chiropractic treatment may assist with discomfort and improve one’s quality of life by realigning muscles and joints into better postures, allowing them to work more efficiently. This blog article shall go through the advantages of chiropractic therapy as well as how it assists in aligning muscles and joints in the proper location for improved movement, so you can determine whether Motus Chiropractic would be a good fit for you this week.


The chiropractic therapy at Motus Chiropractic is a totally new approach to treating your back. You won’t have to wear heavy straps and chains like in the past any longer. Simply sit on the chair’s edge with your arms over the supports and relax, as it gently strains your lower back. This differs from other pieces of equipment in that it allows for side-to-side bending under traction rather than just straight traction alone. Rather than taking longer to heal, this motion speeds up joint and disc degeneration by allowing for more movement between stretches.

Neck Pain

Spinal manipulation is the most common therapy for neck pain. Doctors may adjust people’s spines. Some of them do a good job, while others are less competent. Dr. Maass has received further training in this area from top experts all over the world, as well as a comprehensive training program to learn how to properly treat back pain with his hands. We believe we provide some of the greatest adjustments accessible, therefore please give us a call if you’d like to see for yourself!

Body Contouring

We use LLLLT, which is technology. The Contour Light was originally created by NASA and utilized for wound healing in space as well as on Earth. For decades, this technique has been used in hospitals, burn units, rehabilitation centers, and other places to promote wound healing, minimize scars, and alleviate pain. They discovered that some patients experienced an unwanted side effect of losing fat and inches! When cells work harder in the presence of bright light energy, they function more effectively. This type of fish oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to assist with weight loss and the removal of pollutants from your body.


You were not only created to flourish in the world, but you were also built to succeed in it. Pain and sickness are neither usual nor acceptable; it’s time you started behaving as if that was true. You’ll be on your way to greater health very quickly if you visit a chiropractor who places a high value on his patients’ total well-being and well-being. We always start by restoring the structure and functionality of your muscles and joints before moving on to anything else. We may examine a million alternatives from there, but our primary objective is to get your muscles and joints back in order during common activity.

Humans are believed to have a higher purpose than simply surviving, coping with issues, and accepting the status quo. Chiropractors have benefited people all around the world by first correcting muscular movement problems using technology and neurology.

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