National Science Olympiad (NSO)  is organized every year for classes 1-12. These Olympiads help students from different schools, classes, and nations to appear for one of the most valuable exams of science and check their skills in science.

National Science Olympiad and its importance

Olympiad exams mainly focus on checking the deeper knowledge of concepts and are designed in such a way so that students very well understand the Conceptual part and can overcome their lacks in a particular area by attempting for olympiads.

  • Prepares for other competitions:

Olympiads benefit students to be well prepared for future competitions. It gives you a good idea of the type of questions you will encounter. The higher education system expects students to appear for various national-level entrance tests and crack these with good percentiles.

  • Boosts the inner confidence:

Students are motivated to perform better on Olympiad exams each time. So that students gain self-confidence and are more able to deal with future academic challenges.

  • Provide a better understanding of topics:

You can very deep and logical understanding of topics if you prepare for NSO and when you attempt the olympiad you can be very well versed with all topics.

  • Encourages self-learning:

Today, with the provision of Online learning and online Olympiads, students can learn at their own pace. These exams encourage self-learning that goes a long way in students’ life. It stimulates them to examine their progress on a timely basis.

  • Assists academic performance:

These types of olympiads help students in their academic performance. They can deeply understand the concepts and can learn the topics easily.

  • Develops additional learning skills:

Students start thinking differently by attempting these types of olympiads as they have developed different perspectives solving each question. They can solve questions in different ways by applying unique concepts and ideas. You can think in multiple ways to give the answer to a question.

  • Enhanced reasoning capability:

Developed logical reasoning is a very important aspect of these NSO as students started thinking in very different ways analyzing the problem from a different perspective and achieving the desired results.

How to register?

To register yourself in the NSO (Science Olympiad)  click here: 

Eligibility for NSO :

  • Class: Students of Classes 1 to 12 to be eligible for NSO.
  • Boards: Students from SSC, ICSE, or CBSE boards can appear for the science olympiad.
  • Qualification for 2nd level: 

The top 5% of students (class-wise) also benchmark percentile score who appear for the first level exam.

Class toppers from each participating school; where at least 10 students participate and score a minimum of 50%.

  • Year of attempt: Students of classes 1 to 12 can apply for NSO and can check their science skills.
  • A number of attempts: only one attempt is provided in a year.

One of the best platforms to enroll yourself for NSO is School Connect Online.

This platform is Funded and incubated by Startup Oasis, Jaipur an initiative of CIIE –Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A).
The School Connect Online (SCO) Olympiad 2020-21 is an initiative designed to motivate students from Class 1st to 12th grades to learn more about Science.

At School Connet Online you can get access the detailed syllabus, previous years’ papers and can practice mock tests.Mock test means similar question papers are available to solve for NSO.

Tips and Tricks to Study for Olympiad Exam:

  • Understanding the topic and your subject is the first step so that you can practice it easily.
  • You should attempt as many conceptual questions as you can on the derivations. So that you can have a better understanding of the subject.
  • Practice mock tests.
  • As you solve sample papers, keep track of your time. This will help you better manage your time during the exam.
  • Last-minute preparation helps a lot if you review notes and formulas and define difficult terms.
  • List all the important formulae, derivations, and definitions separately for quick revision.
  • You can try to solve as many class sample papers as possible, but you should complete at least three or four of them.
  • Make time management.

The main aim of the National Olympiad movement is to bring the most gifted secondary and higher secondary students of the world together in a friendly competition of the highest level. There is no direct career benefit from the Olympiads; rather, it stimulates the interest of students in science. Take on exciting intellectual challenges throughout your life. Olympiads competitions are more than competitions; they are a place where the brightest young minds of the world gather.

By Enhancing your science skills you can become future scientists, technicians and can invent many new things. This way you can help your nation to be in the topmost countries of the world have new inventions.

To prepare for NSO you can refer to many books like

Indian National Physics Olympiad – Theory Problems (1998 – 2005) by

Vijay A. Singh and Shirish R. Pathar.

NSO workbooks can give you a deeper knowledge of the topics and you can practice questions. The workbook includes chapter-wise multiple-choice questions (MCQs) following each Achievers section, as well as logical reasoning after a section of Hints and explanations at the end. These workbooks can give a very deep understanding of the questions that usually come in the Science Olympiads.

Important Note:

levels of NSO: Level 1 and Level 2

  • The Olympiad examinations at level-I will have 60 % of questions based on your current class curriculum and 40 % based on your previous class curriculum
  • In level 2 all questions are from the current class curriculum only.
  • ACHIEVERS SECTION questions will be from the current class curriculum.

Know more: 

To know the detailed syllabus class-wise you can visit because School Connect Online is a program to encourage students the learn and develop an interest in science.

Also, school connect online the online platform provided the instant solution of olympiad so that students can self analyze the results and can know where they stand as per their knowledge.

So that you can all your doubts and can acquire good marks in the upcoming NSO 2022.

So students go for NSO to enhance their science skills.

Good Luck students!

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