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These portable camping sinks feature flowing water from a pump. The pump is occasionally foot-operated (no hand-operated pumps while cleaning!). Some portable camp sinks include electric pumps.

My favorite suggestion is to use a battery-powered camp shower as a sink faucet. It’s cheaper than most electric camp sinks and doubles as a shower.

I don’t advocate obtaining a standup portable hand washing sink (like this one); they’re cumbersome, difficult to fill, filthy fast, and the water pressure isn’t adjustable. Although it may be OK for groups like Scouts, I prefer the Tye Works Sink or a gravity-fed sink (see the section below).

Best Pump Camping Sinks

Tye Works Foot Pump Sink

This is by far the best camp sink with a pump. Simple design offers less chance of failure. Socket the faucet to a pail or other “sink.” It may also be attached to a tree over a basin, making it quite adaptable. Incorporate the hose into a clean water supply. Then turn on the pump to get water. It’s tough and works well.

Faucet Kedsum

Although designed as a camp shower, it also functions as a camping sink faucet. To use, just place the pump in clean water. Fits over your portable sink basin with a hook. Turn on the faucet for water. An internal 2200mAh battery charges the pump via USB (making it great for solar chargers). My favourite pump faucet features an extra battery and two different faucet heads.

Ivation Faucet

Like the last faucet, this one has an electric pump. It’s also a well-reviewed brand. However, it only comes with one battery and a single faucet head.

Foot Pump Camp Sink

This camp sink does not appeal to me. It’s overpriced for a foldable stand, buckets, basin, and pump system. But it’s popular since it includes everything, so you don’t have to worry about obtaining your own basins or where to put the faucet. Use the portable sink to wash hands. To use it for dishwashing, remove the top bucket and replace it with a portable basin with a drain.

Camp Sinks (Gravity-Fed Sinks)

Making a portable camp sink with flowing water is simple. Making a “gravity-fed sink” is simple. That implies the clean water source is above the sink: when you open a faucet or spigot, water flows out by gravity.

To create a camp sink with flowing water, you’ll need an aquarium syphon pump. Unfortunately, these DIY camp sinks are not easy to build. While easy to construct, they must be erected at camp and are prone to leakage. If you’re in an RV, van, or long-term camp, I think it’s worth it.

Here are several examples of DIY gravity-fed camp sinks with faucets. You’ll need a grey water collect basin else your sink will be dirty.

1. Spigot + Basins

A water container with a faucet on a table, with the spigot dangling over the side, is the simplest approach. Put a catch basin beneath the spigot. Here are some examples of how this works.

2. Bottle Faucets

They work well for hand washing but not for dishwashing. The fundamental concept is to pierce a hole (or holes) in a plastic bottle cover. When the bottle is turned upside down, the cap acts as a faucet.

An example is the first and second images. The first image shows the bottles strung from a pole. To start the flow, just pull the bottle downwards. In the second image, the bottle is attached to a ground lever, which is stepped on to release the water.

This is a military hand washing station. They just fill the bottles with clean water and start washing their hands.

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