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What is a Digital marketing course?

A digital marketing training course is an inspiring training program that prepares individuals with an understanding of foundational marketing concepts and digital channels. Furthermore, it trains participants to use these digital channels to communicate with their audience successfully.

This course will also cover different digital and social media strategies, creating valuable content, website design and user experience, search engine optimization and advertising, etc.

The program is structured and designed in a manner to make participants think like digital marketing professionals. 

Latest trends in digital marketing

These are the Top Digital Marketing trends in 2022.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Marketing

The wave of AI has started to take over our lives. 60% of internet users have already interacted with AI-operated chatbots on various digital channels that have effectively solved millions of queries.

  • Personalised Email Marketing

A popular method to reach out to your audience is through sending personalised emails. Making your audience feel more connected and developing a relationship to increase sales is the goal for every business that uses digital marketing.

  • Video Marketing

According to the research by Impactplus

72% of businesses say videos have improved their conversion rate”

Videos bring more organic traffic to your social media and website pages. They are the most effective format of content, that resonates with your audience and are easy to understand because of motion and visual graphics. Therefore, Increasing ROI or Revenues.

  • User-Generated Content

People like to participate in activities and events, especially when they are related to their favorite products and services. User-generated content involves customers indulging in activities related to brands and sharing them with the world. Ultimately, that increases brand awareness and credibility. It is an excellent use of digital channels.

Influencer marketing, basically a form of word-of-mouth marketing that focuses to promote a product or service through influential and known personalities. Digital influencers use social platforms to promote brands to their audience and convince them to perform a certain action. E.g. Purchase a product of a certain brand.

If you’re thinking of starting a career or want to learn Digital Marketing, you can check out KBM’s professional and practical Digital marketing training course, which will help you land your dream job across organizations.

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