Everyone wants to enjoy their source of entertainment i.e. program without any inconvenience. In this way, set-top boxes may become your ideal option. It is a device that facilitates its user with UHD quality content. It means no freezing and buffering. You can make a collection of your songs and favorite program in an IPTV box without considering any external storage device. It is highly efficient RAM will help you to access your content right after clicking. So that you do not have to look at the TV screen to play and watch the content. 

Moreover, you will not be bound to watch content at a fixed time. It means thousands of contents will be 24/7 available. If we consider these boxes as magical boxes then will be completely true. Because they play a part of the game-changer in our entertainment zone.

  • Does every TV Box is same in features?

Well, if you are thinking that all the TV boxes contain the same specifications, then sadly it is not true. Different set-top boxes have different specifications. Not every kind of box is going to entertain you with 4k UHD content quality or a fast processing system. Likewise, not all TV boxes have efficient storage capacity. You have to be very careful while purchasing them. Because price or brand name does not matter while choosing them.

Many brands offer TV boxes at low prices but they also offer such a cheap quality products. However, many brands offer boxes at high rates but their product features are not like the standard of their prices. It means you are going to waste your money in both conditions.

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  • Recommended Brand by Majority

If you ask the professionals of the best IPTV Boxes in Germany or from the general public who have experienced the products of digitaltribe.ae, they will recommend you to get your TV box from them.

This company is not present in the commercial market for 20 to 30 years, but they make their market repute more than the brands that are present from that period time. It is all because of their TV boxes quality. They come with a real motive of serving the people not only for making their financial statements positive. According to their product advertisement and user reviews, their products are uniquely designed with remarkable features.

  • Compare Features

In this article, we are going to compare the feature of one of the digitaltribe.ae products (digitaltribe.ae) with three famous TV boxes brands’ products. It includes Dream TV Mini Ultra HD, Formuler Z+, and Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

We will consider the following features. Because these features are enough for making a TV box best from the rest.

  1. Remote Control Unit
  2. USB Port
  3. Storage Capacity
  4. Random Access Memory (RAM)

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  • Remote Control Unit

The remote control unit contains the most of importance than any other accessory. Not only in the case of TV boxes, but in any device that works with RCU. Because it allows you to get the device features on your fingertips. It means you can’t utilize the benefits of a particular TV box or device without it. 

It has been noticed that many brands put their all focus on the manufacturing of product but forget about its essential feature i.e. Remote Control Unit. Due to this negligence, customer faces difficulty, which makes them irritate about the product-offering brand. But the digitaltribe.ae Comparison customers are not going to face the above issue. Because this box is nicely packed with a very incredible remote control unit. The users of this product are going to get the following features:

  • It allows the users to see the RCU buttons even in the dark. Do not shock, we tell you the amazing reason. The reason is that it has a backlit option. The backlight start showing its magic within a few seconds after any key is pressed. Moreover, you can turn ON and OFF the light whenever you want.
  • It has 16 dedicated keys that put all the essential features of the TV box on it. These keys will save you from going through complicated settings to access any of Smart TV Boxes‘ important features.
  •  Unlike a regular Infrared (IR) RCU, digitaltribe.ae STB RCU works perfectly with up to 120-degree wide-angle between the IR Receiver on the Device and RCU IR Emitter.
  • Other Products

As you have already read all the wonderful features of GT-X DUO RCU, we feel sad to tell you the other three products whether it’s a Dream TV Mini Ultra HD, Formuler Z+, and Fire TV Stick 4K Max, they do not have any of the above-mentioned features in their RCUs.  Their RCU’s comes with a simple keypad from which many keys do not work. Because they are only for the sake of physical appearance.

  • USB Port

Everyone is well aware of the importance of USBs in our lives. Whenever we need to transfer our data, we get help from it. It provides us the facility to share important as well as raw data from one device to another. Furthermore, it proves beneficial in providing electric power to those devices that are designed with their source of power.

When we talk about the digitaltribe.ae, we will find that it has a USB 3.0 port. How amazing! It shows that the company is seriously well aware of the basic needs of customers. You can easily recover your lost data while working. It means your data will remain to save in it.  It offers a speed of up to 5 GB, which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. 

  • Other products

For this feature, let’s discuss the Dream TV Mini Ultra HD and Formuler Z+ first. Well, both of the products have a USB port but only USB 2.0. By having a TV box with this USB Port you will get less efficient in terms of power management and power delivery as compared to USB 3.0. Last but not least Fire TV Stick 4K Max has a Micro USB but for power only that charges very slowly than other USBs.

  • Storage Capacity

Want to save more data and time? Ok, go with digitaltribe.ae. This TV box has a highly efficient storage capacity of 32GB which is sufficient enough for making a long list of music, movies, or whatever you want. It does not make you restrict about amount limit after saving a few contents. In addition, it assures the safety of content from deleting. It means you can keep your favorite programs safe for as much time as you want. 

  • Other Products

For storage capacity, Formuler Z+ and Fire TV Stick 4K Max has 8GB storage capacity which is extremely disappointed. Because the company charges high rates only for the 8GB of internal storage in this time when smartphones have much more storage capacity. In this feature, only Dream TV Mini Ultra HD would be considered as little much preferable as it has an internal storage of 16GB. But it also does not match with the efficiency of GT-X DUO.

  • RAM Efficiency

People are now very busy in their professional life. No one has extra time to waste on useless things. We all are very well-aware of the phrase “Time is Money”. In this time of hurry, people want to perform multiple tasks at the same time. In addition, all of us want to access our favorite program as soon as possible so that we do not waste its high voltage situation.  For this, what will you do if you get a TV box that allows you to perform specific functions at a very slow speed? Surely, you will regret it. 

If you want to keep yourself away from this regret, choose digitaltribe.ae comparison. This box has an extremely wonderful RAM efficiency of 4GB that speeds up the processing time of apps. You can download as many apps as you want without hanging up on the system. Your content will be on the screen right after clicking. It means no longer staring at the TV screen.

  • Other Products

In this feature, again GT-X DUO wins the auction because none of the three products has 4GB RAM. Only  has 2GB RAM but you can easily determine the speed of app loading. The other product i.e. Formuler Z+ makes you frustrated with its 1GB RAM. 

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