We know the internet has converted this world into a global village. In past, people adopted conventional methods of teaching and learning. Technology has been developed and Covid 19 brought revolutionary changes in every field of life. You can have killer free online courses while staying at your home. There is tough competition among various free online courses and their providers. Can you share or teach something? If yes then create courses and sell these online courses to your students. Here are some guidelines to create and sell online courses.

Free Online Courses Guidelines

  1. First thing is to know whether people would be interested in your course. Before investing time and money you should make some research on the demand for your free online courses to get favorable answers. You should know the technology your competitors use in this process.
  2. You should focus to put killer and valuable content in your free online courses. It is the content that beats your competitors so take care in the development phase. It is the most important element in your free online courses.
  3. When you are going to launch your free online courses then the course should be ready. Therefore, manage your time in an effective way to avoid panic.
  4. It is important to select the area of your passion, knowledge, technology, and experience to create free online courses.
  5. You should support free online courses visually and through different activities and quizzes. Because different people learn in different ways using different techniques.
  6. You should decide when to start enrollment and classes. It will help to define a plan and manage time.
  7. The name of your URL should be simple and easy to learn because it will help your students to log in to your learning area.
  8. You should create a clear road map or course outline to move forward. You should know when to cover a topic.
  9. You should develop unique and interesting course content. It should fulfill the demand of the people that what they want to learn.
  10. Create your own brand with quality content. You should know how to improve your free online course content.
  11. You should be in contact with course experts to let them check the accuracy of your course. It becomes more important if you are not sure about the course and technology.
  12. You should use paid hosting for your free online courses website. If you are selling these courses then free hosting is strictly prohibited.
  13. You can use trending technology, software, or plug-in to manage your free online courses contents.
  14. You should go through a similar course to have a clear idea about it. What is overlooked? What to exclude and much more. It will also help to set a reasonable price for your course.
  15. You should have good customer support to respond quickly. It is a trick to get your customer through effective communication.
  16. Your website should be awesome in design and development using the latest web technology. It should have a catchy headline and quality content. There must be consistency in its font and style.
  17. You should have the option of signing up to enroll your students or registering customers for free online courses.
  18. You can use social media to market and sell your online courses because it is a good digital marketing tool. You can start your own Facebook group to develop a relevant community.
  19. You should publish videos on YouTube and try to get them ranked on search engines. It will also help to sell your free online courses quickly. You should have the technology to promote your content on the internet.
  20. You should try to capture the email addresses of your website visitors. It will help to share your offers and new courses with them. It will be the start of your marketing strategies for those who are already in your data.
  21. You can offer a gift that joins your website. It can be an ebook or something valuable but it should attract your audience.
  22. Once you create an online course then you have to market it. It is better to spend most of the time marketing your course. The search engine optimization of your website is another way of digital marketing techniques to reach your targeted market.
  23. If you have just started creating and selling free online courses then it is better to offer free classes or lower fees instead of completely free courses.
  24. The payment system should be fine, not confusing. Therefore, integrate it with your website in a proper and secure way.
  25. Always ask for feedback because it will help to improve your free online courses. In this way, your course will be on top after some time.
  26. Your course should be unique and different from the rest of the courses available in the market. It will create a real difference and earnings.
  27. You should convince people to enroll in your course. Educate them that your course will bring positive change in their lives and they will earn a good income after it.
  28. You should include quizzes, assignments, and homework for your students. It will make them practice and learn more.
  29. Whatever you launch, it is better to test it yourself. It will enable you to learn any mistake, error, or problem.
  30. The final thing is to compete with the market don’t give up. Keep it up and it will make you a successful brand one day.

The above guidelines are very handy for the success of your free online courses. You should plan it properly to get success. It does not mean that you will create online courses and they will be popular instantly but you have to work hard. You have to market and optimize them to get on top of search engine results. There must be a proper course outline and content to give education to your students. Any low-grade course or improper content will not bring anything good for you. Therefore, don’t compromise on quality because it will lead you in the right direction.

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