The angle you choose for your photos is one of the key factors in making one aspect or another of the subject stand out. Photos from an ordinary perspective will not convey the same as those taken from a low angle. But we must first take into account the fact that there are several angles in photography. The most important are:

  • Normal : point of view without angle. The camera is located parallel to the ground.
  • Diving : angulation occurs downward. That is, the photo is taken from above and the subject or object is located on a lower level.
  • Counter-diving : the opposite of diving. The photographer is placed at a lower level than what he is going to photograph.

The low angle is really interesting in photography to produce effects and sensations. This can be an important tool to consider in a wide variety of situations, for portraits or architectural photography, in particular. It is for this reason that we will look at this type of angle in this article.

Why take a low angle shot?

By shooting from a point of view lower than the centerpiece of your image, you will create a more original photo because this point of view is different from the normal point of view that is used in most photos. We are used to seeing the world at the same level that sight is, so most photos are taken from this perspective because it does not require any effort. It is very rare to see the world below, there are only children or ants to enjoy this perspective.

But what is perspective? You could say that perspective is to be aware of how the eye works. If you know the perspective and you know how to use it, it means that you have a trained eye, which is very important for a photographer because by knowing the perspective, you will know how to place the elements to be photographed to obtain this or that. effect.

Benefits of taking low-angle photos

1. The Superman effect

The first advantage of shooting at a low angle is having subjects that appear taller. This impression is also called the Superman effect. This will allow you to hide the size of a short person, for example. And if you use a wide angle lens, that feeling will be accentuated. So the ideal would be to take your photos from a low angle, if you want to make a powerful individual appear, tall or strong. This will make a child look taller or older. It also serves to make the legs look longer, a resource often used in fashion photography.

2. With low-angle photos, attention is drawn for longer

Since this is a type of perspective that the viewer is not used to, then they will have to observe it for a longer period of time as they will feel a little flustered at the very beginning. This is the reason why he will have to observe the photo a little longer to find meaning in it. Nowadays, we are so used to social media images that we “zap” them quickly, without paying too much attention to them. But the low-angle photos allow you to stop for an additional moment to focus all your necessary attention and identify what you see. A different perspective or composition will force the viewer to stop to properly observe the image.

3. You can use guidelines to direct the gaze

With a low angle view, you can use guidelines in the background to force the gaze to focus on the subject of your photo. In other words, the goal of this type of composition is to tell the viewer what to look at. So, when you take a low angle shot, look for any lines in the background, which could serve as a guide. If you find yourself on the street, for example, you may find lines on a large building. Likewise, if you are in a place with lots of trees, you can use their trunks to guide your gaze.

4. We produce a more surreal effect

Here is another effect produced when taking pictures from a low angle. The elements are seen differently, they present a more surreal aspect. By photographing from a lower point of view, you will make things look different. When photographing from a lower point of view and with a wide angle lens, the subject will be distorted. What makes it special and unique, which turns out to be more interesting for the eye. Don’t try to find out if your subject looks real or not, deliberately look for that effect. Why want the photos to look like the real thing? It is really boring.

5. Accentuate the shadows in your low-angle photos

By shooting from a low point of view, and with a wide angle lens, shadows and shapes change. In fact, they are thus accentuated, in favor of a more singular, unique and interesting aspect. You can see this in photos of circles, spirals or curved objects. This gives a feeling of more poetic forms, with a distorted, more twisted form. Check here for more.

Some ways to improve your low-angle photos

1. Use a camera equipped with an LCD screen.

You will see how easy it is to take low angle photos if you have a camera with an LCD screen. So you won’t have to twist into awkward positions to get a full view of what you’re photographing. You just need to move your camera to find the right angle.

2. Lie on the floor

Okay, this advice contradicts the previous advice. But sometimes you have to get low to the ground to get a really interesting perspective. Don’t be afraid to get your clothes dirty, but rather think of the striking cliché that you will be able to achieve from this totally unusual and different point of view. Imagine the look of the sky from this perspective!

3. Place your device on the ground

Even if you have an LCD screen, you can experiment with various angles that can be interesting. In reality, it’s all about shooting without looking, without using your LCD screen in the viewfinder. Do not be afraid to dare! You may well have some good surprises.

4. Take lots of pictures

When you start photographing something, whether it’s a subject or an object, don’t just take one or two photos with a low-angle perspective. The ideal would be to take many photos to be able to clearly appreciate how to operate this angle with a very precise idea of ​​photo.


You have to start looking at your photos keeping in mind that they don’t have to be a carbon copy of reality. Why not imagine your own reality in the image? You have all the tools to experiment and express your creativity, to achieve surreal shots from different perspectives. In the end, it’s your most important perspective, your way of seeing the world and whatever you find interesting and unique, you’re going to translate it into the picture. So always look for different perspectives and points of view that will make your work special and unique.

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