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Marketers are continuously discussing whether QR codes are useful in their marketing campaigns. Finally, Coca-Cola, Toys R Us, and Walmart have demonstrated that mobile bar codes are not only useful, but also necessary for consumer interaction.

QR codes have had a love/hate relationship over the last few years. Nowadays, campaigns have become more complex, with firms placing mobile bar codes on billboards, bus shelters, and merchandise on a regular basis.

In alphabetical order, here are the top ten QR code campaigns from the second quarter. They will evaluate the  efforts based on their creativity, engagement method, and execution. They will not disclose the campaigns’ outcomes.

Boston Market is a market in Boston, Massachusetts.

QR codes were used by Boston Market to attract new and existing customers to its stores.

The restaurant business offered rewards to encourage customers to scan the mobile bar codes.

When customers scan the mobile bar code available inside every restaurant, they will be entered to win a dream trip to Maui for four, as well as other prizes such as sporting items and gift cards, during the campaign, which runs until July 29.

Customers are urged to enter the grand prize trip by scanning the QR code.

The use of mobile bar codes allows Boston Market to make the campaign more engaging and connect with customers on a deeper level.

Additionally, when they involve prizes, customers are more likely to scan QR codes.


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Microsoft Tags placed on limited-edition bottles of Pepsi and Unilever’s Brisk Iced Tea gave fans access to exclusive content for the upcoming Kinect Star Wars game.

Users who scanned the Microsoft Tag were taken to the company’s Facebook page, where they could also access exclusive Kinect Star Wars game content.

Brisk used the campaign to reach out to Star Wars lovers.

Using mobile bar codes to allow customers to access exclusive information is a unique method to engage them.


Cadillac used mobile bar codes in their print campaign to advertise the XTS model and included calls-to-action that provided customers with varied experiences depending on whatever newspaper they were reading.

The advertisements appeared in a number of periodicals, including Fortune.

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pictures that highlighted specific attributes of the vehicle for the Fortune ad campaign. An picture of a smartphone was used to frame each photograph. The visuals were created to demonstrate to viewers that they could learn more about the car by using their mobile devices.

They will take the users who scanned the mobile bar code to a mobile landing page where they could watch movies and look through photos of the XTS model.

Cadillac was able to bring the campaign to life by including QR codes on its static print ads.


Coca-Cola has a long history with QR codes. The organisation is always looking for ways to improve its advertising, and they frequently use mobile bar codes in this process.

Users may see calls-to-action on the package, inviting them to scan it to access information like UEFA’s Euro 2012 movies and Coca-Cola SmileWorld, the brand’s online community.

Coca-Cola was wise to use mobile bar codes for the campaign, and even wiser to market it in a variety of ways, including a television commercial that explains how it works.

Marriott’s Courtyard

Courtyard by Marriott installed QR code-enabled virtual concierge screens in 500 sites earlier this year to make it easier for guests to get information about nearby activities.

The renovated lobbies feature 55-inch LCD touch displays that display information on neighbouring restaurants and other attractions that guests can save to their phones by scanning a QR code.

Furthermore, guests can automatically download information by holding their device up to the QR code.

Courtyard Marriott is able to create a better experience for its customers by putting QR codes throughout the facility.

Jamba Juice is a popular juice brand.

While many businesses utilise QR codes to increase customer interaction, others, like Jamba Juice, use them to expand their database.

Jamba Juice used QR codes on their in-store signage to grow its email database. By becoming an insider, customers can opt-in to receive unique deals and discounts in addition to building the company’s database.

They will take customers who scan the mobile bar code to the company’s mobile-optimized page, where they can sign up to become an insider.

Jamba Juice made a wise decision by using QR codes to entice customers to submit information such as their name, email, birthday, ZIP code, and mobile phone number.

This allows the organisation to have a deeper understanding of its clients and better target them in the future.

Kenneth Cole is an American singer-songwriter.

Kenneth Cole adopted a unique way to increasing sales for Father’s Day.

Similarly, we placed QR codes on the retailer’s print adverts, allowing customers to shop the company’s watch collection.

Then, users could peruse the company’s whole watch collection and purchase them through one of three department stores. What are the differences between web and mobile sites Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and Macy’s are three of the most well-known department stores in the United States.

Furthermore, Kenneth Cole was able to read a wider audience by inserting QR codes on its print ads, which was obviously time-sensitive.

Mobile bar codes are a terrific way to promote purchases and give a great opportunity for marketers.

LA Galaxy is a professional soccer team

The LA Galaxy soccer team collaborated with Shasta and SpyderLynk on a mobile bar code campaign that gave supporters access to special video content and prizes.

Shasta’s 12-Packs of Cola, Tiki Punch, Orange, Twist, and Grapefruit Zazz, as well as retail point-of-purchase signs, contained the mobile bar codes.

Fans were able to see unique Shasta FlavorStyle videos including tricks and tips from the Galaxy Futboleros soccer performers by scanning the mobile bar codes.

Besides, the LA Galaxy also used social media in its marketing efforts to keep in touch with customers once they scanned the mobile bar code.

In addition, marketers are increasingly embracing both platforms to communicate with users, as social and mobile go hand in hand.

Toys R Us is a retailer that sells toys.

Toys R Us continued to use QR codes to promote more than 20 of its large outdoor goods, allowing customers to see how they would work and look in their own backyards.

Consumers could use their mobile device to scan the mobile bar code adjacent to the goods to view video footage or photographs of the item fully assembled.

Moreover, Toys R Us launched a virtual store last year that allowed customers to browse the company’s 2011 Hot Toy List by scanning QR codes on billboards.

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